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The paper "Tramline Business Festival" is a great example of a case study on management. The tramline  music festival is an award-winning festival that is also free to attend. Tramline is held annually and it takes place in Sheffield in the UK. Tramline is normally free to attend and the event comprises of national and local artists of different genres. Tramline is usually curated and organized by a panel that includes local volunteers, promoters, and venue owners. Even though the tramline festival took centre stage recently when it was launched in 2009, it managed to attract a whopping 35,000 fans on its debut. This particular festival normally takes place at over 70 venues within the city centre and this includes; peace garden, bowery, Harley, University of Sheffield, Barkers Pool, 02 Academy, Lead mill, and the main stage on Devonshire green that comes with a capacity of 8,000 audiences (BBC, 2012). Each year tramline event is normally organized into eight musical genres that are dance, Blues, Folk, World, New Music, Indie, Rock, and Pop.

There is also a kid’ s area, market, and an electric mix of music, which means the event, provides something of all ages. Tramline is still a free music event even though there are huge debates as to whether or not the festival should be paying the entry fee of free going forward.

It is being estimated that in 2009 the cost of running this very even stood at approximately £ 200,000, and by 2012 this figure had risen to a whooping £ 390,000. This high cost of running the event is mainly driven by catering for the burgeoning festival-goers who have lately learnt about the event.

For instance, during the first year, Sheffield city centre managed to attract approximately 35,000 and come 2012 the figure had risen to about 90,000 people. When the event debut they were using two outdoor stages but last year they used six in order to comfortably accommodates the extra attendees (Guardian, 2012; University of Sheffield, 2013). The concept of funding free festival is very complex and requires shrewd resource utilization, in particular, this period of the global financial crisis. Traditionally, Tramline festival has had three main sources which includes A grant from the Sheffield city council Sponsorship revenues Income from food and drinks sold Contributions from the venues arising from items such as security


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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