Essays on Apples Brand Awareness and Brand Quality Influence on Peoples Perceptions Case Study

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The paper "Apple’ s Brand Awareness and Brand Quality Influence on People’ s Perceptions" is a great example of a management case study.   Apple Inc is a US-based corporation that manufactures and designs computer hardware, software and consumer electronic products. The company makes Mac's brand of computers along with popular software brands such as iLife, OS X and iWork. Apple is also a leader in the digital revolution with its iTunes online store and iPods. The company has also re-created the mobile phone industry with its revolutionary App Store and iPhone brand of phones (Fadaei 2013, 6-8).

It is also redefining the next-generation mobile media with its innovative computing devices such as iPads. The company’ s flagship products such as Macintosh personal computer brand, Mac OS X, have been extremely dignified in the IT industry for causing loyal user-base. Other such brands with extreme loyal user-base include iPads, iTunes, iPhone and iPod. Consumers of these electronic products are strongly influenced by the brand. Strong and clear brand image can increase consumer confidence and convince consumers to buy the products (Fadaei 2013, 6). Research significance The findings of this research will be of significance to electronic manufacturers in understanding the bases for customer preferences in the electronics market.

To this end, understanding the brand identity and brand equity that has given Apple a competitive edge cannot be downplayed. Such profound understanding would provide a valuable clue on customer preferences, the rationale for loyalty to a brand and how effective brand awareness can be built. Aim and objectives of the research The research is aimed at determining Apple’ s brand awareness and brand loyalty. The key objective of this research is to examine Apple on the basis of brand equity and brand identity and how the two influence people to select Apple-brand products.

Special emphasis is given to the Apple-branded smartphones -- specifically the iPhone series. Therefore, the aim is to study smartphone users at Regent Business School London. Research question: How does Apple’ s brand awareness and brand quality influence people’ s perceptions? Literature Review As stated by Kapferer (2004), a brand is a name that influences customers. The researcher clarified that a brand should be able to command attention because of its attributes of differentiability, saliency, trust and intensity.

In this case, a successful brand should be able to pass a consistent message as well as create an emotional attachment on the customers. Hammond (2003, 14) defines a brand as the total emotional experience that a consumer maintains with a company along with its products and services. Hence, the conception of brand loyalty arises. Consistent with Kuhn and Alpert (2004, 1-3) brand loyalty should refer to a behavioural sense depicted by the extent of repeat purchases. It involves the process through which consumers stick with a brand while rejecting the substitutable ones.

Aaker (1991, 39) explained that brand loyalty should maintain a consumer’ s loyalty since the consumer treasures the brand based on its quality and what the consumer derives from it. Ots (2008, 3-4) shared the perspective that brand loyalty represents the extent a customer sticks to a brand. In regards to brand equity, Aaker (1991, p. 24) portrays it to be among the available strategic assets that companies can use to ensure long-term competitive advantage. Dahlen et al. (2010) pointed out that brand equity consists of the liabilities and assets that are associated with a brand, such as a logo or a name.

It is composed of brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand assets, brand awareness and perceived quality. Aaker (1996, p 8) acknowledged that these brand equity assets generate value in a range of ways, including influencing positive brand perception and brand awareness.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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