Essays on Human Resource Management within IKEA Case Study

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The paper "Human Resource Management within IKEA" is a wonderful example of a case study on human resources. Organizations whether government, healthcare, entertainment, military, business, or educational are made of people. They are the lifeblood of an organization as they provide followership, stewardship, and leadership to the organization. It is people who formulate and implement policies and strategies to help the organization achieve its goals. Besides that, people use their knowledge and skills to innovate new ideas so as to place the organization on a competitive edge. To expect the success of an organization without understanding how to manage people is like trying to understand how a vehicle moves with no knowledge about an engine.

As a matter of fact, organizations and institutions can be defined as the most prominent social units that have been devised or designed to get things done (Armstrong 2008). People can have productive and counterproductive behavior towards the organization which can either lead to its success or failure. Surprisingly, people are the most neglected resources in the organization, and managers are more focused on the improvement processes and operations to increase productivity (Kelloway 2004).

In some organizations, workers are grossly mistreated and even singled out for failure of the organization. Accountability, stewardship, and motivation are long forgotten concepts. Apparently, these come amidst the current outburst of employee empowerment, knowledge management, and information-based economy. This eventuality, therefore, raises the question of how organizations are able to satisfy external customers if they are unable to satisfy internal customers. People have feelings, faces, and aspirations and would like to be treated unfailingly. As such, paying attention to the working people might just be the easiest way of increasing an organization’ s profitability (Kline 2007). This report attempts to shed light on the critical issues underlying people management.

It is intended to serve as reference material for managers and other leaders within organizations who intend to attain success through proper management of people. The report makes reference to IKEA, a company that has demonstrated outstanding and exemplary people management skills over the years. Right after reviewing IKEA’ s company and people management profiles, the report will discuss pertinent concepts underlying people management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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