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REFERENCESAbstractThe ability to negotiate successfully is a skill that many employers value so much. Every day, we are involved in negotiation situation both the formal and informal setup. Negotiation is basically about using one’s persuasion influence and interpersonal skills to come up with solutions to a problem while aiming at having a win-win approach. In today’s worl0d, many professionals are opting to choose the win-win approach to negotiate as opposed to win-lose approach. The report discusses the theory of win-win approach. It also gives a detailed example of a negotiation situation I was involved in as well as how my negotiation strategy worked to ensure that there was a win-win situation in my problem.

These results are then discussed in relation to the negotiation strategy and the theory of win-win approach. 1.0 Introduction to negotiationEvery day we are involved in negotiations. Negotiations can occur between parents and their children, between spouses, between managers and their employees, between friends, between clients and company professional, between organizations and even between the public and agencies. Negotiation is a significant process when trying to develop a new relationship or even redefine an old relationship that was not working for one reason or another.

Negotiation refers to the process through which people settle differences that they have. It is the process through which an agreement or a compromise is reached so as to avoid further arguments. It can also be defined as the process of solving a problem between two or more people where the individuals agree to voluntarily discuss their differences and try to come into a consensus about their disagreement. The negotiation process requires that the parties identify the issues that they differ in and talk to each other about their interests and needs and try to come up with a variety of solutions to their problem and finally bargain over the final decision arrive at (Guasco, & Robinson, 2007 p 3).

In any negotiation process, all the parties hope to come that the best possible outcome will be achieved. The best negotiation process results into some promise or exchanges being made by the negotiating parties. These exchanges or promises may either be tangible or intangible.

The tangible promises or exchanges may include money or a commitment of time. The intangible exchanges may include an apology or making an agreement to change a particular attitude. Fairness is an important element if any negotiation is to be successful. Some parties in a negotiation negotiate as though their most important objective is to have an advantage over the other party. However, it is important to note that if any party feels that they have been treated unfairly, they may decide to walk out of the negotiation process and decline to fulfill their part of the agreement.

Therefore, since negotiation is a give a take process, there is need to conduct it in a way that leaves both parties feeling satisfied about the results of the bargaining process which will ensure that they are committed to fulfilling their part of the agreement (Downs, 2009 p16).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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