Essays on Business Decision-Making - a New Joe on the Block Case Study

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The paper "Business Decision-Making - a New Joe on the Block" is a perfect example of a business case study. Decision-making is an important element of any business plan. Joe Brown in his attempt to create a coffee shop faces different decisive challenges forcing creating hard times in developing valid conclusions. One key decision faced by Joe is analyzing the trends of previous research on coffee and the market. According to the internet studies, he receives more information related to the coffee information than what he expects. In the end, he is unable to draw valid information from the information available (Henriques, 2005, 273).

For instance, the information he finds regarding the coffee shops coffees provides almost similar comparative data. Extracting essential data from such diverse comparisons is a decisive challenge faced by Joe. The information that compares the tastes of major coffee shops in the United States such as Starbucks, McDonald’ s, Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts. Another key decision that faced Joe is determining the location of the coffee shop. According to the research, Joe sees as if the coffee shops are well spread within the United States (Lee 2012, 103).

Therefore, establishing the best site to place the coffee shop becomes a great challenge. Focusing on the various existing coffee shops, Joe realizes the existing coffee shops already occupy most of the existing strategic sites. Joe also faces key decision concepts on the validity of the information provided in the secondary sources over the consumption of coffee in the United States (William et al. , 2013, 71). In fact, he questions all the information provided to an extent of opting for carrying out his primary research to create the validity of the information at hand.

Some of the choices he needs first-hand clarity on are the preference and taste and the cost of selling the coffee (Van der Eijk, 2013, 53). He believes the secondary information on the trend of taste more or less the same regardless of the existing variety. Nevertheless, he asserts that Starbuck coffee sells more than any other coffee though it has minimal taste.


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