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Executive summaryBarclays bank is the second largest bank in United Kingdom. This organization uses different types of resources. These include cleaning materials, payroll and computers. Analysis of Barclays bank shows that the organization obtains computers through tendering process. The management team carries out an internal analysis to show the number of needed computers. An advertisement is then made through newspapers for suppliers to take the offer. (Miller, 2009)An analysis is then done concerning quality of computers that various suppliers have. After choosing a supplier, negotiations are made and goods are delivered.

Payments are then made. There are other options that this bank can use to obtain resources. This can be done through outsourcing a company to oversee the entire procurement process or simply making a purchase from known suppliers. Bidding or tendering process is also another option. (Miller, 2009)Company BackgroundBarclays bank is one of the known banking institutions in the global markets. It is ranked twenty fifth among large Companies all over the world. It is also ranked second among best banks in United Kingdom. This bank has branches in Asia, Africa, North America, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East.

It’s share price however declined by May 10, 2009. (Miller, 2009)This was due to diminished investor confidence in the financial institution. This organization uses different types of resources. They include computers, payroll and cleaning materials etc. This paper therefore evaluates ways through which the bank obtains computers and the available options of sourcing these resources. Finally, recommendations are made on the best way Barclays bank can obtain computers. (Miller, 2009)Current proceduresResources like computers are very essential in an organization. This is especially in organizations that offer financial services like banks.

Analysis of Barclays bank shows that majority of its processes require computers. This is in relation to storing of customers’ data, retrieving and even disseminating of information. (Mentzer, 2003)Research in this Company shows that the organization acquires computers through a tendering processes. This is in accordance to the policy within Barclays bank. The management in the Company usually carries out an internal research concerning the number of computers that are required within the period. This entire process incorporates departmental heads since they are usually well versed with various departmental needs.

(Miller, 2009)In this case, each departmental head submits a report concerning the number of computers needed in his departmental. All the reports are then evaluated by the procurement department managers. Departmental managers’ proposals can be implemented or reviewed upwards or downwards. (Miller, 2009)After this, Barclays make makes the information public that computers are needed. In this case, various organizations are required to apply for the tender to supply the organization with computers. Barclays bank usually makes clear the number of computers that are needed.

(Mentzer, 2003)This also includes the quality, memory and other specifications. Interested supply Companies are then required to apply to the organization requesting to supply needed Computers. The next process involves choosing the Company that will take the tender. There are times when Barclays bank sources an external organization to be in charge of the entire process. (Miller, 2009)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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