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Response question Response question The study requires review of articles that have objectives of exploring the implication of poverty on leadership and students. In fully exhausting important elements for the above research study, putting together a systematic literature review is of great importance in grounding for an upright piece of research. In which case, concept mapping comes in handy in pinpointing and arranging the relevant information considered of worth for this research topic; and arriving at a less daunting creation of literature review. Two main purposes of concept mapping that may serve right for this particular case include; summarizing the obtained information from a given source and finally harmonize information from diverse sources (Hart, 2001).

The following is an illustration of how mapping proves useful for the topic: Mapping to give summary of information from multiple sources Given the large number of articles talking about the implications of poverty backgrounds on leadership and students, it would be of importance to summarize the information. Mapping is crucial in this case since it will help in summarizing information, from the diverse sources, that would then create meaning for the intended concepts of study.

This way, a network type of mapping will illustrate the eliciting understanding of the concept of poverty background implications. The following figure depicts an example of mapping showing implication of problem based learning: Figure 1 depicting example of mapping which can be used to summarise information from multiple sourcesMapping to obtain and summarize major points from a relevant articleThis will involve drawing a concept map, containing level of hierarchies that depict the important points related to implications of poverty on the leadership behaviors and students.

The hierarchies starts by listing the topic of the article then highlighting the objectives and major points coming therein. In conclusion, mapping proves feasible for the success of coming up with an upright literature review for the above research topic. The aforementioned aspect of mapping will help in consolidating and structuring a literature review that captures all the important information required to root for the expected results. References Hart, C. 2001. Doing a Literature Search: A Comprehensive Guide for the Social Sciences. NY: Sage

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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