Essays on Strategic Evaluation Tool within the Ministry of Interior in UAE Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Evaluation Tool within the Ministry of Interior in UAE" is a good example of a management case study. Chapter three provides the approach to research as well as the methodological standards that are applicable to the research. The chapter demonstrates the data collection methodology and also the procedure for conducting the thematic analysis. This chapter presents the result of the data collected from the 20 participants as per the research methodology presented in chapter three above. The exploratory situation of the research demanded an in-depth coverage of the information in every main research question.

In this regards, for ease of depicting the broad range of data collected, every study question was broken into some enquires inform of subheading and headings. Every research question collection of investigation provides the appropriate data to solutions to the research question posed. Through this chapter, every outcome is presented by citing the participant’ s statement or presenting the data gathered in a table format. Citation of the participant is employed specifically for demonstrating the appropriate themes and trends within the outcome. In this regards, to permit for trend and tendency to materialize within the research, every participant’ s citation (1-20) will be accredited to some respondent group.

Clustering the respondent, intra and inter-group prototypes between these groups might be recognized and furthermore, anonymity an s well as the secrecy of every participant might be guaranteed. 4.2 Demographic Profile of the Participants: The research was able to interview twenty participants from the ministry of interior in UAE who are some, the senior members in the ministry. The participants were chosen based on their direct engagement with the strategy evaluation tool linked to the functions of the ministry.

It is appropriate in disclosing the insights the policy on strategy evaluation as well as its implementation as designed by the examiner through the study.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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