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1.a. Vision is the looking into the future and identifying the needs and requirements that will help to accomplish those. Identifying the vision statement helps to provide direction and guides the employees. It also helps to provide the required motivation which acts as a tool to accomplish the future goals. One such example in the same direction is the London Fire Brigade. The fire and rescue service operator has laid down a safety plan in the 2008-11 guides which prescribes the vision statement for the fire operators. The London Fire Brigade has stated the vision statement to be the world class fire and rescue service operator.

The vision statement of London Fire Brigade helps to provide the necessary direction. To ensure that the stated vision is achieved the rescue operator has determined the following aims which when pursued will help to achieve the vision. They are as followsPrevention: Through this aim London Fire Brigade looks towards educating the people and making them understand the mechanism through which fire can be reduced. The rescue operators will look towards making them understand the ways in which emergencies need to be dealt with. Protection: Through this aim London Fire Brigade looks towards protecting the people, property and environment from environmental harm by providing the necessary training and impetus which will help to ensure that the service rendered is of high quality. Response: Through this aim London Fire Brigade looks towards designing a mechanism which will help to provide quality response to the situations and will help them to deal with the emergencies in a better and resilient way thereby enabling better services. 1.b.

Leadership and management are the core constituent that helps to ensure that the goals and objectives of an organization is achieved.

The value of this function multiplies for fire and rescue service operator as they have to look towards the wellbeing of an individual. Leader and manager help an organization to achieve the task as proper guidance and the ability of the manager to influence people to achieve the objectives helps to provide the required momentum in the organization. In case of Fire and Rescue Services locally elected councilors look over the responsibility of the manager.

The councilor is entrusted with different responsibilities and integrating the different functions together helps the manager to demonstrate skills which will help to achieve the goals. The role of the manager in fire and rescue service is to develop relationship with locals and partners so that the delivery of services improves. Along with it the councilor needs to ensure that they are able to use the workforce effectively. This will act as a guiding force and help to ensure effectiveness in services. The role of the leader is to bring the required transformation in the working process so that the workforce is motivated and use the IRMP plan to improve the quality of services.

The councilor needs to demonstrate both the leadership and managerial skills while handling the complete operations so that they are able to develop a mechanism which renders maximum benefits.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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