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The paper 'Analysis of Robert Wiseman Dairy Company  " is a good example of a management case study. Robert Wiseman Dairy Company was established in the year 1947 on a family farm in the East of Kilbride, Scotland. The business was established initially as a business whose main aim was to deliver milk to its customers’ at doorsteps but after several years in the early seventies, the business switched its focus to the wholesale trade. This company has grown to a larger company and today its accounts for 30% of the fresh milk consumed on daily in the UK.

The company which is based in the United Kingdom has several subsidiary companies all over the UK which primarily are engaged in processing and distribution of milk as well as other associated products (Tamime, 2009,pp. 45-60). The company operates from seven other processing diaries located in the United Kingdom and it has fifteen depots. The company has established thirteen distribution depots throughout the UK which is a factor that has contributed to its tremendous growth over the years. Despite, the fact that Robert Wiseman diaries are still based in Scotland, the sales in England today account for more than 60% as far as company sales are concerned.

Doorsteps deliveries today continue to reduce at an alarming rate due to the increase in sales from the supermarkets. Multiple retail sales account for the largest share of company sales since they contribute to approximately 70% of the total sales of the company. Among the seven subsidiaries established a larger proportion of fresh is usually accounted for by Droitwich dairy which has a capacity of 500 million litres as well as the largest fresh milk producer in the whole world.

The company has a strong and diverse customer base all over the United Kingdom (Great Britain, 2009, pp. 12-30). Company processes Processing of milk is a significant process which actually requires professional skills as well as momentous amounts of energy as a result of this the company has invented environmental methods which use less energy. Robert Wiseman Dairies processes and delivers fresh liquid milk throughout Britain which has been contributed too by new technological inventions as well as a large proportion of company’ s investment in its processes(Great Britain, 2009,pp. 12-30).

The growth of Robert Wiseman dairies as a leading liquid milk company has been contributed at large by the creation of a strong relationship with farmers who are the major suppliers, unparalleled investment in both new and existing dairies and distribution depots and lastly through exceptional customer care services and use of effective account management systems and techniques. Company policies Robert Wiseman Dairies upholds the policies of integrity, giving positive impacts to the society, being continuously committed, and working towards the customer as well as employee satisfaction.

As a global company, it has an impact on many people and this determines its mode of operations. The principles set to guide the company and its individual milk subsidiaries. Robert Wiseman like any other company has implemented employee policies, competition, pricing as well as other policies related to goods packaging. Competition The milk industry in the United Kingdom is very which competitive, despite the fact that Robert Dairies is an established milk company which processes and delivers about 1.21 billion litres of milk annually to its customers all over the UK its faces stiff competition from other established milk companies such as Tesco, J Sainsbury and Asda.

These companies too are providers of fresh milk hence increasing stiff competition among the supermarkets. This has in recent times affected the operations of Robert Wiseman dairies with the company being forced to cut down prices so as to compete adequately something which has affected its interim profits as well as annually profits(Tamime, 2009,pp. 45-60).


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