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The paper "Role of a Global News Agency" is an engrossing example of coursework on business. Our Mission is to be the information company our customers value most, offering indispensable content, innovative trading platforms, and great customer service. - Reuters Introduction Imagine a world without direction or knowledge; Life on earth would be one big drab. Without information, the world that we live in today would be nonsensical and devoid of meaning. Information drives the world, and thanks to science and technology, one doesn’ t have to bank on a pigeon to deliver news or information.

Over the centuries, the way news and information have traveled the traverse of the universe is quite remarkable. From pigeons to the internet to video-conferencing, the transfer of information from one corner of the world to the other in seconds is indeed a remarkable feat. The advent of computers and the internet has made the transfer of information instantaneous. It is in this context that the names of Reuters and Bloomberg assume significance. In Michael F. Strohmer’ s (2000), ‘ Communication of Global Companies with the Capital Market, ’ on page 6, it says that, communication is the exchange of information, be it between people within an organization or between individuals, and it is this communication which keeps the organization running efficiently and successfully.

The same theory applies to man as well, as without proper information; life would be one big mess. This information could be on business, general, political, social, or just about anything. What is important is that the right information should reach the right person(s). Direction Reuters and Bloomberg are among the leading news providers in the world today. The kind of information that they produce is useful to all age groups of individuals, be it tech-savvy teens, entrepreneurs, or investors.

What is striking is the reach that the internet has developed over the years around the globe. Thanks to the internet, internet-based news agencies like Reuters and Bloomberg have made light of the headache that caused people to search for news and solutions.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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