Essays on Changing of Weeks Schedule in Organization Assignment

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The paper "Changing of Week’ s Schedule in Organization" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. I hereby inform you of Lucia’ s proposal for change of the week’ s schedule so as to have Herbert Street job come first rather than that of the corporate customer. As you may be aware, there are two jobs scheduled for this week. The first is to start today, Monday, this being the job for Lucia’ s corporate client and should run for between two to three weeks. The second starts tomorrow, Tuesday, and should last for between a day and two for your Herbert Street client.

However, Lucia suggests that we start with the Herbert Street job today instead of tomorrow. This has been caused by delays in the delivery of Diamond Clear’ s windows by the supplier. The Herbert Street customer is having a wedding this coming weekend and needs the job done before then. Since the Herbert Street job will take a shorter period of time and has a greater urgency, Lucia suggests that we reschedule the week’ s activities so that we start with the Herbert Street job on Monday as opposed to the job for the corporate client.

This will keep work going on as we await the delivery of the windows consignment. Additionally, it will ensure Herbert Street’ s customer satisfaction, just as the founder of this organization would have wanted. Having dealt with the supposed windows supplier severally before, Lucia is convinced that the delivery will not delay for more than a day. This has been a reliable supplier for a long time and would only delay delivering for more than a day occasionally. Thus, the consignment should be delivered by tomorrow, Tuesday.

Then, we would have cleared the Herbert Street job and have all the time for the corporate client’ s job. This proposition by Lucia follows a critical evaluation of the associated benefits: No money will be wasted in paying idle workers who would have to waste the whole of Monday because of the delayed delivery of Diamond Clear windows. They will have to start working on the Herbert Street job on Monday as opposed to Tuesday. On arrival of the windows on Tuesday, the Herbert Street job would have been cleared and full attention would be given to the corporate customer.

As a result, we would not compromise the quality of work which will cause our customers to refer more clients thus more sales. This rescheduling will enable us to finish both jobs within the stipulated deadlines. This way, we would have been true to our word, this being one of the tenets running this organization as set by the founder of Diamond Clear. Therefore, Lucia requests that you consider this rescheduling. She will be away for the better part of the day.

So, in case of any concerns with regards to her proposition, kindly feel free to contact the undersigned. Sincerely, Operations Supervisor.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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