Essays on Sales Team Structure, Roles and Rewards - Appropriate Technologies Company Case Study

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The paper "Sales Team Structure, Roles and Rewards - Appropriate Technologies Company" is a great example of a marketing case study. Having an excellent sales force structure empowers the company to meet its sales objectives. Structuring the company’ s sales force is vitally important to its business model while at the same time helping the salespeople to achieve the organization’ s sales objectives. This report describes the sales force structure of Appropriate Technologies Company; a speculative company selling mobile phones to other businesses in Australia. The company has four levels of sales management including national, state, division, and the field sales personnel.

Similarly, the report describes the roles of each level of management together with their annual salary packaging. Introduction The core driver of any company is its sales, for this reason, a company can’ t afford taking its sales department lightly. Structuring the company’ s sales force is vitally important to its business model while at the same time helping the salespeople to achieve the organization’ s sales objectives. In coming up with a good and working sales structure, the company has to consider its products, its clientele together with how its sales force think and function.

After having the right system as well as the right talents, the organization will then have an easy time making the system work optimally. The chosen sales structure will ultimately determine the company’ s success. This business report discusses the sales team structure and budget allocation by location. Using mobile phones product, the report provides Appropriate Technologies Company sales team organizational Structure, role description and salary packaging to the Company’ s CEO. Appropriate Technologies Company is a speculative company that deals in mobile phone products selling them to other business organizations in Australia. Sales Team Organizational Structure Sales operations are critical business activities together with processes that are essential in helping the company to run effectively, efficiently and support the organization’ s business strategies and objectives.

As aforementioned above, the sales force structure has a singular objective of guiding the sales team and their actions and thus has a massive impact on the company’ s bottom line. There are various sales force structures that a company can use in meeting its sales objectives and they include: product-based structure; this requires the salespeople becoming experts in a specific product or product line.

The geographically based structure, on the other hand, is largely focused on salespeople thoroughly understanding specific geographical areas; this allows them to have comprehensive knowledge about their markets and come up with appropriate and relevant approaches for making maximum sales (Boone & Kurtz 2012). Client-based sales structure; this requires organizing and/or arranging sales efforts around the company’ s clients. Lastly, hybrid sales structure; this may involve the combination of the above-discussed structures. Given the above understanding, Telstra Company should use geographical based sales force structure; for instance, Australia is a big country with wide geographical settings (O’ Fallon & Rutherfor 2011).

The country is divided into different state territories; these territories have dissimilar market settings and thus each market has its own unique market requirements. Accordingly, this geographical based sales structure will empower salespeople to understand their markets and come up with unique marketing strategies that will suit each specific region. Similarly, this structure will be superbly defined and thus it will prevent salespeople from bumping into each other.

In this regard, the company will have four levels of management, national, state, Division, and salespeople.


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