Essays on Marketing Mix of Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone in Australia Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Mix of Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone in Australia " is a great example of a marketing case study.   The product I researched in the Australian market is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. I have researched the performance of this product in the Australian market. Samsung is a leading brand name in the Australian market with phones and other consumer products like TVs and other home appliances. The Smartphone market in Australia is very competitive after the development and licensing of the android operating system which Samsung and other manufacturers use as in their gadgets (Tech-Thoughts, 2013).

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone was officially launched in the Australian market in April 2013. It is a successor of the hugely successful Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone (Sadauskas, 2012). Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone was designed to be as close as possible to its users as it can be. Its features are meant to bring simplicity and fun in the user’ s daily life, the manufacturer actually calls it a life companion (Samsung Electronics Australia, 2013). Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone is manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

It is a subsidiary of the Samsung group. Samsung Electronics is the world's largest information technology company basing on revenues. Samsung is headquartered in Seoul South-Korea (Michell, 2011). Target market Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone is the flagship android based Smartphone for Samsung in 2013. The android market recently acquired a 62% market share as compared to other Smartphone operating system such as Windows and Apple’ s iOS (Sadauskas, 2012; Tech-Thoughts, 2013). The trend is still the same at the global level, as well as apple and blackberry, shed dominance in the Smartphone market to android gadgets controlling more than 80% of the market in the first quarter of 2013 (Tech-Thoughts, 2013).

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone is a high-end market smartphone designed to give users an exceptional experience to match what is being offered by rivals such as Nokia’ s Lumia and apple’ s iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone market could be divided into the following segments: Demographic characteristics: Gender: Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone can be used by both males and females in the Australian market. It does not have strikingly unique features that can be associated with members of a particular gender.

However as it is the characteristic of many electronic gadgets, males are usually keener to try out new technology (Slater & Sengupta, 2009). Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone, however, suits both genders and as such expects to sell to both. Age: the expected target market which is the middle class and above in the Australian market is about the age of 25 and above. This market segment according to Slater & Sengupta (2009) is usually ready to adopt new technology and prefers revolutionary features offered by Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.

A large percentage of Australians beyond the age of 50 may however not be a key segment since according to May’ s (2012) view, they take new technology and trends as “ complicated” . Ethnicity: Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone is not associated with any ethnic group since it’ s a consumer technology product that pleases everyone from any background. Knowledge of languages: the product instructions and navigation features can be set to any major language in the world (Samsung, 2013). Australia is predominantly an English speaking nation which is obviously available with Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.

Other users who don’ t speak English can set it to their preferred language, for example, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and others.


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