Essays on Upper Molonglo Rail Trail for Bungendore Progress Association Case Study

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The paper "Upper Molonglo Rail Trail for Bungendore Progress Association " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   The scoping study will assist the Association in the process of preparing grant applications for the proposed rail-trail development. The Molonglo rail trail is an abandoned rail line between Bungendore and the Captains Flat. The construction of the rail trail will have a number of significant recreational benefits for the locals and the visitors of Bungendore and the Captains Flat. The abandoned rail line will be perfect for the rail trail because of the already existing structures and features that will serve as scenic attractions. An Assessment of the Proposed Route Status of the Abandoned Rail Line The proposed route for the upper Molonglo rail trail will move from Bungendore through to Hoskingstown to Captains Flat.

The former railway line follows the Molonglo River for some of its distance. The rail line was in operation between the years 1940 and 1968. The unused railway line is one of the greatest assets of the projects. That is because the lands where the proposed rail trail will be on is flattened meaning that will not need much work to develop.

There is also a bridge across the Molonglo River meaning that there will be no need for construction of another bridge. Being a previous railway line, the curves and grades are gentle. The disused railway line is scenic, and that is an advantage for the tourists and recreational enthusiasts. There are a range of accommodations and independent Geographical Features along the Route Some of the geographical features along the route include the Molonglo River, the Molonglo Valley and the old mine site at Captains Flat (McGowan, 2001).

Other geographical features along the route also include the Lake George farmland plains, the Tallaganda region, the Foxlow Bridge and the old railway features. One of the most impressive features includes the radio telescope from the University of Sydney. The facility is a research outpost for the higher learning institution and is quite impressive in terms of its size and scope. Possible Attractions for Tourists along the Route Along the proposed route, there a number of tourist attractions that would make the proposed project worthwhile.

The historic building such as the old railway station at Hoskinstown and the Bungendore are among the attractions that will be of much interest to the tourists. The Woodworks Gallery, swimming pool, the two hotels all in Bungendore will make the proposed route attractive for the users. The Molonglo Gorge has for many years been a favourite for picnickers and will also be a possible attraction. The Molonglo Gorge is well equipped for picnics and playgrounds for the children (Queanbeyan, 2015). The tourist attraction is along the Molonglo River, and the proposed rail trail will contribute to increased traffic and income.

Another attraction is the Lark Hill farm that is home to a number of animal species (VisitNSW, 2015). At Lark Hill, there is a top-quality restaurant. The winery allows visitors to purchase and also have at the cellar door. The admirers of fine arts at Bungendore will also make use of the new proposed rail trail route. The nature of the village at Captain’ s Flat in itself is unique. The miner cottages in the village are small, and their allotments are attractive for the tourists.

Other possible attractions include embankments along the route; culverts and the turntable along the route further enhance the scenic experience. The Captains Flat’ s has a fascinating heritage mining and rail infrastructure that will add to the visitors’ spectacular experience (Railpage, 2015).


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