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The use and application of Management information system by BHP Billiton and its role in enhancing its competitive edge and dynamism and its role in strategic planning and implementationTwo computer based information system, which supports decision making in organizationsI have considered BHP Billiton to study the way they use management information systems to make sound decisions. I have chosen BHP Billiton because it is a well recognized company in the energy industry and its global scale of operations and canillustrate the role and significance the management information system and telecommunication plays in strategic planning, setting objectives.

improving its operational processes, cost control, risk management and improve the efficiency and productivity of the organization as a whole. In any organizations whether it is private or public an organization must use relevant, accurate, timely and with appropriate detail and summary so that an organization can base it s decisions and establish objectives and monitor performance and reviews on acontinuous basis so that it meets its overall goals and grow in the future. The degree of complexity and its efficiency and effectiveness depends on the skill of the Information technology professionals of the organization or the outside providers the understanding the nature of organizational structure, the nature and complexity and the scale of operation, information flow, its external business environment in terms of its market and the economic, political and social and environmental factors and the humanbehavior and potential to adopt technology.

In addition, the change management processes of an organization must be considers the design and implementation of appropriate management information system of an organization. If these factors are not taken in to designing the management information system it may not produce the expected benefits in terms of improving its operational efficiency and competitiveness of an organization.

so that it can survive in a dynamic and discontinuous market environment. It is based on system theory of management, Management of change theories and organizational change processes and enterprise resource management practices. The one computer based information system is the computer system, which providesInformation to top management to forecast the future and strategic planning by collecting and processing external information outside the organization in a net work environmentwhich is relevant and in a summary form to make strategic decisions and review of plansas well as risk management to set realizable but ambitious targets.

As well set objectives in financial terms for core operations of the organization. That is the management information system is a decision support system of top management and plays a crucial role in strategic planning. This is based on management by objective theory and the role it plays in setting management objectives and strategic management practicesThe other important part of the management information system is the data basemanagement information system and e-commerce systems, which is used by the middle management to enable tactical panning and monitor performances regularly in a frequent basis.

It must be able to review tactical planning and identify causes of not meeting goals and enable managers to develop strategies which are cost effective and within budgets to continually improve operational efficiency and process improvement and quality control of its products to meet organizational goals as a whole. It must not meet sectional goals in the expense of the overall organizational goals.

The date base system can be partially or fully integrated system. The data base must consider the size and capacity for integration of the functional areas of the organization. These systems can be centralized or decentralized systems and it depends on the scale of operations, telecommunication technology and the nature and complexity of operations, internet speed and technical and training of end users and the internal organizational ability to design different data base. This is based on the principles and system theory of management.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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