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The paper 'Management and Leadership ' is a great example of a Management Assignment. Leadership skills and leadership development are becoming an imperative strategy in the management of business organizations in both the private and public sectors. The effectiveness of a leader is dependent on the leadership skills that the individual is capable (Hopkins, 2008). This means that in order to be an effective leader, one should be able to have skills and competencies that distinguish him or her from other leaders. Effective leadership is characterized by certain attributes and skills that are possessed by an individual the effective leadership skill includes the ability to deal with the crisis in the organization, communication skills, and proper management skills (Hur et al. , 2011).

Different leaders and managers in the world have been recognized for their quality management and leadership skills. In addition, these leaders can be trained and developed in different leadership skills in order to increase their effectiveness in leadership. One of the most recognized leaders in the world is Timothy Donald Cook best known as Tim Cook. As the chief executive officer at Apple Tim Cook, displayed his leadership skill and management skills that can be emulated by other individuals in order to effectively manage their business organizations (Finkelstein, 2013).

This paper focuses on the leadership skills and attributes of Tim Cook and considers the factors that contribute to his leadership skills. In addition, the paper examines the ways in which aspiring leaders can be trained in order to make them effective leaders. Background Information Tim Cook is best known as the chief executive officer at the Apple Company where he has increased the performance of the company since he took over from the former leader Steve Jobs (Lashinsky, 2012).

As the chief executive officer of Apple, the company has not only become a leading player in technology, but also a crucial Hollywood music player. Before his full appointment at the apple, Tim Cook had served the company in particular occasions when the former chief executive officer Steve Jobs was on sick leaves. In addition, Tim Cook has served as chief of operation in computer companies where he has contributed to the increased performance of the companies.

Hence, Tim Cook serves as an example of leadership that can be emulated by different individuals in managing their business organizations (Finkelstein, 2013). Factors and Attributes of Tim Cook Leadership Transparency: transparency is vital in leadership for employees of the organization to feel respected in the decisions of the company. According to Tim Cook, transparency was a crucial aspect of the management of Apple Company. This is because, with open criticism of the company manufacturing partners, Tim Cook opened the doors for all people of the world to understand the operation of the company.

This is vital since it created the aspect of goodwill in the company and set standards for all the manufacturers that were directly linked to the company (Finkelstein, 2013). Tim believed that transparency in supplier responsibility set an example for recognizing the difference with other competitors. This means that the public gains trust and is able to engage in more productive activities in the company. In addition, the transparency is shown by Tim Cook at Apple and other companies ensure that the partners that do business with apple are able to trust the leadership of Tim Cook.

Hence, transparency in the company ensured that the leadership of Tim Cook was effective and efficient (Lashinsky, 2012).


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