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Senior Health Centre Receptionist Corniche Health Centre is a newly established health care centre in Abu Dhabi. The center is seeking the services of a Senior Health Centre Receptionist; following are the basic requirements for the induction of staff against this post. 1. Qualifications a) Knowledge The incumbent is required to have minimum High School Diploma, knowledge of healthcare language and industry norms with basic office skills. b) Skills and Experience The incumbent is required to have excellent communication skills, computer operations and MS office expertise, basic administrative skill and human resource management skills. Relevant experience in a hospital or healthcare centre will be a definite plus. c) Necessary Attributes The incumbent is required to be calm and compose personality.

Highly motivated to help and support visiting patients and their relatives. Multi-tasking, eagerness to seek and impart domain knowledge are some other important attributes of successful medical receptionist. 2. Job Specification The job specifications of Senior Health Centre Receptionist at Corniche Health Centre are listed below; To receive patients and visitors cordially and guide them to respective departments where they can get further help and support To register new patients To attend phone calls of patients seeking appointments, advice and other information. To transfer calls of patients and others to respective physician and department. To manage initial documentation of a patient. Updating Corniche Health Centre MIS for appointments, admissions and discharge records. Manage shifts of receptions staff members to ensure round-the-clock operations. Reschedule appointment, if required. Effective participation in “Quality Improvement Group” meetings, workshops and other related activities. Coordinate the stocks, stockiest and suppliers activities for the Corniche Health Centre Schedules, coordinates and conduct training sessions for new receptionists at Corniche Health Centre.

To accept the responsibility cheerfully as and when required. 3.

Selection Procedure The post will be announced in local news papers, internet job portals and the official website of Corniche Health Centre. Applications will be invited from the eligible candidate through a local recruiting agency. The agency will be responsible to conduct initial telephonic interviews to shortlist appropriate candidates for the final interview which will be conducted by a selection committee appointed by the Corniche Health Centre Board of Governors. The selection committee will conduct rigorous interview session with the shortlisted candidates. The committee will finalize four candidates to be interviewed by the Corniche Health Centre Medical Superintendent (MS).

The MS will finally select the appropriate candidate for the appointment against the post of Senior Health Centre Receptionist. 4. Interview Questionnaire a) General Questions How you heard about the post? Please give a brief sketch of your previous works? Why do you think you will be a correct choice for the post? Please give your three strengths and weaknesses. How do you cope with these weaknesses? Have you got any sort of public dealing experience? How do you deal with team rifts? How you work under pressure and multi-task yourself? Have you ever been criticized for your work?

When and Why? What irritates you? What makes you angry? What is your definition of a good medical receptionist? 5. Candidate Specific Questions a) Candidate- I Why are you switching? How can your experience benefit our organization? Are you willing to work in night shifts? How you will balance personal life in flexible working hours? Do you think some patients are too stubborn to deal with? b) Candidate- II How long you have been in Abu Dhabi? Will you be able to deal with locals? Do you think you are over qualified for this job? Do you think this job will meet your requirement? Would you mind a younger boss? What salary you are expecting?

c) Candidate- III Do you think you are over qualified for this job? Where do you see yourself in next five years? Do you feel confident of meeting the job specifications? Can you work in flexible working hours? What salary you are expecting? d) Candidate- IV Are you willing to work for at least next five year with us? What career prospects for this job attract you most? Why should we select you? Any relative advantage?

Can you work in flexible working hours? What salary you are expecting? Works Cited Simms, Helen. Human Resource Planning. UK: Select Knowledge Press, 2005. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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