Essays on Royal Restaurant in Australia, Application of ServQual Model Case Study

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The paper "Royal Restaurant in Australia, Application of ServQual Model " is a perfect example of a marketing case study. With reference to the meeting we had last week I hereby submit the report of the findings from the investigations I did. The report focuses on the issue of customer satisfaction based on an occurrence that happened in the Royal restaurant a few weeks ago. My analysis on the issue of customer satisfaction using the expectations prior to the service encounter including levels of expectations, factors that influenced the expectations and zone of tolerance, Application of Service Gaps Model, Level of satisfaction with the service encounter disconfirmation of expectations model shows a great level o dissatisfaction on the side of customers meaning great effort must be put to solve the problem for the sake of giving the business a platform for competition and for the business to maintain its market share.

It is important to note that Service has several levels). The first level is that a service is an intangible offering that has little or no transfer of physical products to the consumer.

The second level is that a service is one part of the product-service mix that is offered to consumers. Another level of service is that a service is provided in the main product offering. The final level is that all products or services or a combination of both involve the provision of a service to customers. Services are increasingly contributing to the advancement in technology, growth in per capita income, deregulation, and increased growth in retailing as a result of an increase in propensity to the consumer.

It will be my pleasure to discuss any arising matters with regard to the report. Yours Sincerely, Johnson Mike Richard, Executive summary This paper gives details on the level of customer satisfaction with the services offered in a restaurant caller Royal restaurant in Australia. Service marketing is a type of marketing that involves the selling of services. The approach used to sell services differs from that employed in product selling.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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