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2 1.0 Introduction: The city such as Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates is known for their high quality and booming industrial nature. Buildings and offices in these countries are fashioned and designed in a manner to house and accommodate a wide number of businesses and offices along with several types of employment opportunities and industrial sectors. Buildings are commonly very high and tall some also having 20 to thirty storeys. The country named and known for its industrial strength, has a great deal of potential for international business to start up and flourish well, the country is known to offer a wide array of business opportunities as well as provide international companies with various programs and seminars also offering a wide array of work shop  activities to aid the industrious.

The high rise hotels specially keep in mind the standards of their guest and the measurements are made accordingly. Lifts are provided at each corner of the floor as well as the stair cases. Different security measures are provided as wet-risers, fire-fighting shafts, hose-reels, sprinklers etc. 2 2.0 Risk Assessments: Identify risk factors in hotel or any building above 54 floors in Abu Dhabi. Risk assessment is a familiar tool in any industry and an essential tool in the progress and safe running of any business situated in any sky-scraper.

This practice of assessing the risks and dangers of a building was initially introduced to explore areas of safety and health in the workplace, this practice is now increasingly used by all industries in other areas such as hotel management and fire safety issues. As there are several industries that grapple with the concept of necessary development, risk assessment represents a potentially useful methodology to engage operations with the broader range of issues involved.

However, a limitation of the traditional risk assessment and management approaches is that they focus more on avoiding negative outcomes, whereas a sustainability consideration of positive impacts and initial preventive steps is highly neglected. This paper describes an overall attempt to use modified risk assessment methodologies to engage with three building and fire rescues operations on the subject of sustainable development. 3 3.0 Special Features of the Selected Building: It describes the plan for the project that is, building up a hotel, the sense in which it would be made, the structure, its outlook and also the inner design, keeping in mind the standard of people for which this hotel is basically meant.

The outcomes from the trials of the outline of projects and the make up of other buildings, and the overall lessons from the exercise of building up of previous hotels. OSH represents fire rescue and safety and health. A methodical risk psychoanalysis process is also described in the paper.

In it risk management and risk assessment are applied according to the logic of technology. Hence we can say that these may be used technically and hence provide better results. This paper proposes a widespread advancement to risk management for OSH in fire safety and fire rescue and an appraisal of available risk management and assessment appliances for a variety of industries the method is helpful in analyzing the risk factors and also predetermining the degree of risks and their impacts that may have to be faced. Thus it helps in preplanning the measures that would reduce or avoid the risks.

Advantages of using risk management technique as an initial decision maker’s perspective is also described.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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