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Essays on Miles Morgan Australias Service Blueprint - Use of Computers for Strategic Communication, Preparing Workshops for Youth Transitions and Support Assignment

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The paper “ Miles Morgan Australia’ s Service Blueprint -  Use of Computers for Strategic Communication, Preparing Workshops for Youth Transitions and Support“ is an informative variant of an assignment on marketing. A consultancy firm dealing with research, evaluation and public policy services was chosen. Miles Morgan Australia was chosen, as an important example in this case, for blueprint due to the extensive services that it offers across the local, national and international client base (Polaine, Lavrans & Reason, 2013). Since establishment, it has undertaken various numbers of projects. These include: Strategic communications Development and delivery of complex competency-based frameworks and programs Organizational policy and practice Strategic and HR planning Education services, including the VET and ACE sectors Youth transitions and support Vocational profiling Labor market research Career development Workforce planning and development Question 2Extensive use of computers for Strategic communicationThis includes the development of websites, video content, and publications.

In the face of the modernized societies in the world, the customers will only be satisfied with results if they are emanating from a highly enabled technology system. This can be revealed by the efficiency in communication by the use of the technologies. Miles Morgan uses a highly sophisticated system of communication through extensive engagements of the computer systems.

The technologically-enhanced means facilitates confidence to the customers on the ability of the organization to propagate innovation, achievement and success. Preparing technologically furnished workshops for youth transitions and supportThe organization helps the youth to understand their employment and economic opportunities and occupational profile. This brings them success as their reputation to the customers is increased due to the aid they offer the youth to integrate personality traits, values, talents, and skills in their career development and life skills in general.

The youth enhancement programs reveal a commitment of the organization to enhance sustainability in operations and existence. The customer identifies with this in the notion that the organization is not only inclined with the profit-making goal but it is also engaged with welfare endeavors. Youth Conference Rooms for transition and support Layout Frameworks for labour market research The organisation achieves this through the development of client groups. The engagement in research of the labour market integrates in its formation various elements. Those of key importance among these include areas of resumes; dealing effectively with change in the workplace; interview skills; employability training and development; action planning and setting; self-marketing and skills-networking; career management and planning; defining transferable skill; and creating and identifying career opportunities.

The frameworks of Miles Morgan are very useful as they reveal to the local, national and international levels that are served that there is an extensive research system. The customers are, therefore, able to exhibit trust and utmost reliance on the labor market research results that are attained. Labor market research framework for Miles Morgan Physical Evidence Computer s Conference rooms Parking areas Elevators hallways Handling room placements Layouts for market research Consultancy hand-outs Networking systems     Reception Conference room Consultation brochures networking General outlook measure Billing Question 3 Slow response to integration of technological changes in the operationsThere is a challenge in bringing about competency in every area of existence and operation of the organization.

There is a need for an up to date technological system that is in use. This is especially important in the consideration of the extensive customer group that has to be covered. The continuous changes that occur in the technology are not always quickly spotted and integrated into the organization with the speed that they may demand for a strategic competitive advantage placement (Geum & Park 2011, p1611).

The effectiveness associated with a quick response to technological changes may, therefore, not be fully attained.


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