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The paper "Service Marketing - PayPal Customers " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. A company, organization, or individual who provides services to customers at a fee is a service provider. Pay pal a service provider provides an online way of making payments in exchange for various services and buying products, without disclosing any such information like your financial information amongst prospective buyers and sellers. It is efficient, convenient, simple to use and secure. Currency conversion fees are inclusive. PayPal customers are buyers and sellers transacting business online and worldwide.

PayPal still faces competition from online payment alternatives service providers like e- Bay, we- pay, Google wallet, two checkouts, and authorized net, and prepay (Amazon. com, 2015, 1). According to Businesstocommunity. com (2015, 1), the service provider should create and evaluate a service environment that is both functional and ensures maximum satisfaction and experience of customers. However, customer complaints arise with PayPal and, for instance, this a care of client laying complains of having the wrong type of goods, bad quality and late delivery of the same having done the appropriate payments via PayPal.

Along with this, after returning the goods and making complaints to PayPal they haven’ t contacted the seller and in, either way, no refunds made yet. The customer has never had any dispute before over her account and has verified severally since the account is five years old. PayPal representative contacted on the phone said the costumer's account is okay but after seven days the client gets a notification of her banned account and with the paper policy of “ HOLD 21 DAYS” she can neither withdraw the money from her account nor make any purchases. It is possible that the clients’ complaints come up as a result of customer service failures like lack of loyalty and acknowledgement and service mistakes.

Service encounter failures like unresponsiveness and not caring also led to the occurrence. Lack of client focus, understanding of customer lifetime value caused the incident (Cannon, 2015, 134-154). Cause and Effect Analysis A proper customer relationship management system should allow the capturing of client information and delivering it to various sections since customers’ expectations are for customers’ relationship management system to deliver on both personalization and customization. Acquiring, targeting and attaining the right customer/ clients is an essential requirement for any service provider and more importantly gaining and maintaining the loyalty of the customer willingness to continue using and acquiring the particular services of the service provider.

Alongside primarily referring to customer behavior, customer loyalty also includes his or her preferences and taste and future intentions. Conceptdraw. com (2015, 1) illustrates that customer loyalty is critical to service providers’ profitability since as the firm delivers high satisfaction levels, there are more purchases and more profits earned from premiums, referrals to other customers and reduced operating costs. The enhancement of loyalty bonds among customers and clients can be through giving financial and nonfinancial rewards.

Strengthening the relationship with the client and property analysis customer defections and efficiently handling complaint and service recovery procedures (Gittell, 2002, 299-311). In such cases like dissatisfaction and need for refunds, PayPal ought to have a customer relationship management system that takes into consideration such occurrence. It’ s, therefore, commendable to under-promise and over-deliver on results and expectation when interacting with customers since most client dissatisfaction is always miscommunication through improper communication channels and under given expectations.

Consequently, the above can be illustrated in a fishbone diagram below.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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