Essays on Service Marketing - Fogg Behaviour Model Case Study

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The paper "Service Marketing - Fogg Behaviour Model" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Currently, technological trends focus on mobile phones is the emergence of smartphones in the industry. Smartphones led to a series of events taking place. Among the industries that benefited from this technology is the marketing industry; the opportunity is mobile marketing could not just be ignored by any firm in the world of competition. This document analyses the key feature of two applications; ASOS and Trenery the way they influence consumer behaviour in the marketing of their brand. The analysis is done based on Fogg Behaviour Model.

In the model, behaviour is seen as a combination of ability, trigger and motivation. All the three are further divided into subcomponents. According to Fogg Behaviour Model (FBM), for a person to carry out target behaviour, first, there must be energy motivating the individual towards the behaviour, secondly, they should be able to perform the behaviour and lastly should be triggered to perform the behaviour. The occurrence of the above behaviours must be concurrent for the objective to be achieved.

FBM is the best model for analysing and designing persuasive technology. It is also good in team building because individuals can relate a behaviour and outcome directly. Introduction and Overview of Trenery and ASOS Globally, mobile technology trend is focused on smartphones; hardware and application. Applications make Smartphones more versatile. The applications (apps) fitted in the smartphone environment facilitates the end-user to perform a number of functions in their device. Most of this applications range from recreational applications like games and video players, social media applications where people interact, marketing applications, security apps, internet access software and basic telephone interface like reading SMS, etc, (Kaushik, 2012).

It is therefore clear that the mobile device is also important for other activities, beyond just making the call. Among the recent trends, mobile phones application is used in marketing. There are many applications at the marketer’ s disposal to explore and use in marketing there products and reach potential product users with ease and directly on their mobile phones. On the retailing industry, mobile marketing has a greater potential to transform the pattern of retailing due to timeliness and mobility of mobile devices.

Nowadays, a customer can go into the retailer's location using their mobile device anytime as opposed to the past when the customer had to physically visit the retailers' premises. In mobile shopping the retailers can, create a shopping list, search for a product of choice, communicate with the retailer, compare prices, compare products, purchase products and make a fuss of in post-acquisition behaviour, He, (2012). ASOS’ is a UK based retail firm that sells fashion outfits, targeting the market of youth in the twenties.

It has embraced the evolving technology to influenced consumer behavior. In 2009 it lounged its mobile application; ASOS for iPhones and Androids, to facilitate mobile marketing. The introduction of mobile marketing at ASOS has seen it rise to the top of the list in fashion retailing in the UK. Despite facing stiff competition from the other online marketer like Boohoo and Zalando, it is still maintaining its position as the leading independent online pure-plays fashion retailer for men and women in the UK, selling up to £ 770m (2012/2013) as well as being the second most frequently visited fashion website globally by 30 million visitors monthly.

Though in the market value of UK, ASOS looks small, compared to the supermarket fashion, there is hope that the fashion retailer is rising to greater heights by 2017, Marketwire (2012).


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