Essays on Service Concept at McDonald's UK Case Study

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The paper “ Service Concept at McDonald's UK” is a spectacular example of the case study on marketing. To ensure that there is a high level of customer satisfaction, a service organization is expected to ensure that all service elements are able to meet the organizational goals. This makes it vital for the organization to set its service concept (Goldstein et al. , 2002). A service concept is used in the design of services and is defined as the way in which an organization likes to have its services perceived by its customers, workers, and other stakeholders (Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry, 1992).

These are things that add value to the customer. McDonald's is one of the most successful fast-food chains globally. The fast-food giant has been able to foster a service concept that is well regarded by all stakeholders. The fast-food service concept is based on aiming to provide high quality and fresh food conveniently and in a short time. McDonald's also aims at giving its customers a standard service where there is no difference in food offered at varying outlets.

This report is based on the service concept in McDonald's UK. This will involve describing the service concept for McDonald's UK, explaining the operations of the organization, and how they contribute to the service concept. Assessment of how well the operations implement the service concept is well explained using a diagram. Lastly, the report suggests how both the concept and delivery system might be improved. Service concept at McDonald'sThrough the use of a service process, it is possible for an organization to define its service functioning and ways in which its services are perceived by the customers.

The process has both inputs and outputs where value is added to the customers in the outputs. McDonald's has been able to change its service concept with the aim of enhancing the customer experience (Business Insider, 2012). McDonald's prides itself as the fast-food chain offering the best services in the industry. This is through offering the best quality of services and maintaining cleanliness in all restaurants.


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