Essays on Why 4Ps Marketing Mix Is Not Appropriate for Service Marketing Literature review

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The paper “ Why 4Ps Marketing Mix Is Not Appropriate for Service Marketing" is a persuading variant of a literature review on marketing. Service marketing is a type of marketing that involves the selling of services meaning that it mostly deals with intangibilities. Services are marketed in order to get people to do business with a certain firm which is often in a specified location. For instance, in the restaurant business, food is provided to customers (Ennew, Watkins, and Wright, 1995), and thus, for example, some food joints may champion cleanliness to ensure that they are competitive.

Fyall and Garrod (2005) say that when such a business is marketing itself, it ought to convince its customers that it is preferable to other restaurants and that its facility is worth the trip through introducing appropriate and effective services. Nevertheless, Ennew, Watkins, and Wright, (1995) states that the approach that the restaurant will embrace should include product-marketing fundamentals since it covers food, utensils, and other accessories while service approach brings into consideration how the consumers are served, the quality of food, tidiness of both the waiters and location/restaurant.

Since services are intangible in nature, customers ought to be convinced that the service is something that has some benefit to them and that they need it and thus according to Bowie and Buttle (2004) services has several levels. The first level is intangible offering, which has little or no transfer of physical products to the consumer. The second level is that a service is one part of the product-service mix that is offered to consumers. Another level of service is that a service is provided in the main product offering.

The final level is that all products or services or a combination of both involve the provision of a service to customers. Services are increasingly contributing to the advancement in technology, growth in per capita income, deregulation, and increased growth in retailing as a result of an increase in propensity to the consumer. Thus, the aim of this paper is to analyze the point of why 4Ps Marketing Mix is not appropriate for service marketing. Unlike products, services have a more direct and instant impact on the customers since the first impression of a place may determine whether the customers’ aims can be achieved.

For example, a bank in a shabby location/building may make a consumer doubt the security of the money deposited. Thus marketing of services ought to be more deliberate and considered the meaning that the competencies of a service provider and his resources need to be audited carefully. Auditing according to Bowie and Buttle (2004) is important because services require to be positioned appropriately for them to be bought by customers, and as opposed to products, services are more intractable.

Thus, services need to be defined precisely and be designed in an appropriate service product mix. Christopher and Jochen (2011) state that promotion of products is less challenging as opposed to the promotion of services due to the intangible nature of the services. Christopher and Jochen continue in their analysis stating that another unique aspect of services is that one basic service can be provided in many different service business enterprises that are involved in the provision of different levels of amenities and luxuries.

Bowie and Buttle (2004) concur with Christopher and Jochen (2011) when they continue to say that services are also unique in that similar services can be delivered in different ways. The marketing mix used in marketing services conveys how the service is positioned in the market. Apart from being intangible, services have other unique features such as perishability, variability, and presence of other consumers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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