Essays on Organizational Behavior Assignment

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The paper "Organizational Behavior" is a decent example of a Business assignment. Enron executives’ devotion was entirely focused on greed, power, big profits as well as influence. For instance, Andrew Fastow, a former Enron CFO engaged in the bottom line approaches that only profited him and his most favored staff. Sooner than later, all employees quickly adapted to the poor leadership culture that promoted the short-lived bottom line approach.   As a result, Enron leaders failed to effectively communicate to their subordinates about the company’ s values and simply reacted by guarding a culture that highly valued profitability even if it meant going against the organizational values or at the cost of everything else. Qn2 Given your knowledge of communication theory, what can you do to improve communication by email? Unlike face to face dialogues, emails may omit tone of voice, body language as well as context.

Hence, to enhance email communication, I can use different subject lines for various messages. I can also emphasize the message by the use of capital letters, quotations, exclamation points, and emoticons. Qn3 When you are leading a team or facilitating decision making, what will you do to prevent “ groupthink” ? To avoid groupthink, I will encourage my team members to challenge their ideas without reprisals.

I will also explore alternatives, objectives, test assumptions, and scrutinize the risks involved in the chosen alternatives. Furthermore, as a good team, we can at least have one contingency plan in case plan-A fails. Qn4 Why should managers’ care about job satisfaction? Managers need to take note that work satisfactions, directly translate into excellent job performances among employees. Job satisfied staff will experience less absenteeism, workplace deviance, and more turnovers.   Additionally, staff that feels better about their job often develop more positive attitudes towards customers resulting in consumer satisfaction.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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