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The paper "Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club" is a good example of a Management Assignment. Bendigo Spirit Basket Club (BSBC) proposes a sponsor that will enhance the achievement of the set goals of the club not only in nurturing women talent but also to develop the club to international level thus producing world champions in Australian Women’ s National Basketball League (WNBL). The club consist of notable player in the world such as world championship winner Kristi Harrower, Kelsey Griffin and Chelsea Aubrey. In addition, the team coach is Bernie Harrower.

Essentially the club was founded in 2007 and they are currently sponsored by Bendigo Bank in Australia. Interestingly, Bendigo has also focused on other types of games not only basketball such as athletics and foot thus enhancing their target of nurturing talents since it accommodates even those who are talented to play basketball though that was their main objective. The club BSBC is located in the regional city of Bendigo and 150 kilometers north of the Bendigo stadium which is their home ground pitch. (Bendigo spirit Basketball Club, 2012) For every activity to successes and goal targeted by individual or group to be achieved successfully there must be a sponsor to support them either financially, psychologically or both.

In this regard, our team needs a sponsor to enhance better performances due to the financial support offered to both players and management official in nurturing talents of individuals. Thus, Rio Tinto being a well-established company and financially stable existing in Australia economy is our proposed sponsor. Rio Tinto was established and incorporated as business on March 29 1873 since then it has greatly developed and attains its fume both locally and internationally very well.

It has not only been ranked among world’ s leading mining and metal company but also among the top ten companies in Australia. It focuses on copper mines commonly known as red river. Due to the gradual development of the company, it’ s widely spread all over the world and it exists in more than one town in Australia such as Belmont Ave, Melbourne and 11 George Drive (Irwin, Sutton & Carthy, 2002). Sports offer entertainment, passion and are worldwide connecting individual talents this creates an environment with no boundary thus the team and corporate sponsor benefits simultaneously.

In this regard, the club has various achievement that will enable the sponsor be able to increase it sell output both locally and internationally therefore will not regret at any circumstances to her decision to support the club (Graham, Neiratti & Goldblatt, 2001). The Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club (BSBC) has participated in highest international levels winning in 2013 and 2014 consecutively. In addition, it has participated both local and inter-house competition accordingly, their home ground Arena (Schweppes Centre) hold more than 2000 fun qualifying it to be considered to hold international competition.

This has made it to be a topic in social media as they report every won match, achievement and activities to it supporters. Eventually, enabling the sponsor to get good publicity and create valuable goodwill locally and internationally hence broadening competitive since sponsors company image has been improved credential achievement by the club (Fullerton, 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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