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The paper "Issues of Digital Marketing" is an outstanding example of a marketing assignment.   I am taking a course in advertising and my area of interest is in digital marketing. The advancement in technology has changed the way organisations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, develop their marketing strategies (Ryan & Jones 2012). My Community of Interest (COI) is Feed the Children campaign. Feed the Children campaign is a not-for-profit organisation operating globally to ensure that children around the world are fed and do not go to bed hungry every day. It has incorporated the use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are spreading its work and recruiting volunteers.

To my COI, digital marketing has offered them an opportunity to interact with people as well as advertise their efforts to all those concerned. For social digital marketing to succeed, the target marketing strategies should be on point. What can be discerned about a chosen participant’ s self - presentation/identity construction? Participation in Communities of Interest varies depending on the type of COI it is. Some are more formal while others are less formal depending on the content and the users and therefore the language used will vary from one community to another.

Self-presentation in a community is one of the most important factors in participating in a community of interest. Serious participants would want to assume an identity that is unique while at the same time makes them easily identifiable to other members of the community. The Feed the Children community of interest is managed by the Feed the Children organisation social media personnel whereby content is constantly checked to discern whether it observes the community’ s rules and for approval.

There is a level of freedom offered by the community of interest and participants are allowed to share their knowledge and expertise on the topic so that other members can use. From the snapshot of the tweet above, it is possible to identify me because I have used my official name Miao. I like to keep this formal given the nature of my COI. The other participant can also be identified by his real names and his tweets reveal that he is knowledgeable about what the Feed the Children campaign is all about.

The freedom to express oneself in creative ways just like the participant above is one of the possible reasons why social media has become so popular with today’ s marketers. In light of this, I have personally customized my twitter handle since I prefer a little bit of uniqueness. Creativity thus allows participants to make them appear unique in their own way as they seek to stand out from other participants. This creativity varies between the names used to the profile pictures used by participants. The social media platform, Twitter, allows the easy sharing of content.

The example above shows tools that the participant can use that would allow others outside of the community to see his online marketing content thus attracting more members to the community. The ease with which tools such as retweet, share and favourite can be used make it a preferred platform to other social media platforms.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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