Essays on Strategic Analysis of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals US Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Analysis of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals US" is a good example of a business case study. One of the toughest challenges facing the world today is improving health. Being a worldwide biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca plays a crucial role in medicines that result in a real difference in health. The company acknowledges that it cannot work in isolation to deliver medicines that are of value to the people. This implies that it works closely with stakeholders to understand the public needs. By combining forces, the company is able to develop measures of how to improve healthcare.

It has a strong belief that we are all connected by health. Strategic Analysis of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals US Mission Statement AstraZeneca US is a company that is committed to achieving a mission of improving human health globally. The community of AstraZeneca is to: Discovering, developing, and delivering innovative, effective medicines and other healthcare solutions aimed at helping to enrich the lives of patients, and society. Putting the health of patients as the first priority by providing educational programs, resources, and materials meant to help empower and inform them of the importance of quality healthcare. Encouraging a challenging and rewarding work environment that inspires and motivates the company’ s employees Introduction AstraZeneca is a company committed to achieving success, and the culture of the licensing of products and technologies is a strategic priority that has been acknowledged. The Company in Detail AstraZeneca was created on 6 April 1999.

It resulted as a merger of Sweden’ s Astra and the UK’ s Zeneca group. Astra was originally formed in 1913 and had its head offices in Sodertalje, Sweden. It majored in pharmaceutical developments conducting research and marketing in four distinct research categories including gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, as well as respiratory and pain control, including medical devices. Zeneca was created in mid-1993 when Imperial Chemical Industries split three of its businesses.

Zeneca had been a leading global bioscience group dealing with research, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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