Essays on The Franchise System of the Car Wash Guys Company Case Study

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The paper 'The Franchise System of the Car Wash Guys Company' is a great example of a business case study. The car wash guys company is a renowned franchise firm that was started as a car washing facility. The company first started in 1977 in California under contractors who worked independently before growing into a number of units. The founder of the company Lance Winslow iii is credited for a number of achievements. The growth in a number of units led to the decision to move into a franchise system. At the onset of this decision, no similar attempts in the same had emerged or been attempted.

It was clear that the founder and the entire team at this time had numerous ideas which made it hard for one to exactly figure out what was happening. The decision to venture into washing other vessels other than cars saw the emergency of a boat washing unit. The boat washing under the subtitle of the boat wash guys was a subsidiary associate of the mother company. Boat washing was geared at enhancing the utilization of the available operational costs offered by the Franchise system.

The decision to venture into boat washing was also geared at using the same franchise system to run a number of other units concurrently with minimal expenses on the administration. The founder of the company insisted on low costs as the best mechanism of enhancing the stability of the franchise team associates. The mother company under chairmanship of its founder was initially operated without any other employee on the basis of lowering expenses. The reduction of costs with such measures was a strategy that was geared at making maximum use of digital technology.

It took the company three years down the line from inception to recruit an employee. “ This does not imply that the company was at any point run singly. ” All the other associates involved with the company were independent contractors or consultants to the company. The founder established ideal strategies and is known to have never drawn a pay. Management strategies used in this type of company were very unique and only common to this franchise firm.

These management strategies later enabled the firm to afford a very large marketability for its services. With the launch of boat washing for instance, marketability of the car washing unit was further enhanced as majority of those who brought their boats for washing brought their cars as well. The boat washing facility was a decision that emerged as an opportunity. This was one case of an entrepreneurial venture whose decision was not based on any plan. The venture into boat washing came as a result of a friendly encounter with a client from the boat detailing industry.

The exchange of views with yet another two clients from the boat detailing industry then became the basis of the decision to invest in boat washing. The founder of meeting these friends was excited at the height of their magnificent ideas and jointly moved into boat washing. While on Newport Beach, the founder Lance Winslow met yet another client who at the time dealt with designing the inside of a number of boats. This later client whom the founder sought to jointly work with was also linked to an oil company.

The oil change seemed to be the only thing that the founder might have needed to venture further.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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