Essays on Current Strategy and Competitive Position of UFO Case Study

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The paper "Current Strategy and Competitive Position of UFO" is a good example of a management case study.   UFO was founded in the year 2005 by the valuable group where it was considered as the largest digital camera distribution firm globally by the year 2012. The company managed to operate in a region that had digital technology and internet penetration that was lower as compared to other areas. The success of the company in such regions can be attributed to the high quality and future-oriented strategies that the company management was utilizing.

Through formulation and implementation of competitive strategies the company managed to become very competitive in the market where despite the unfavorable conditions in the country it was opera, it managed to lead in the world. UFO began by developing its ideas to strategies that resulted in the revolution on the movie screening in India. The strategies adopted by the company were highly considering the changes that were taking place. In particular, the plans were highly considering the technological advancements in the formulation of its policies. The management of the company realized the need for keeping pace with the changes in the process of achieving competitive advantages where it ensured that it remained relevant in the industry through offering products that could meet the needs of the customers.

The company strategies were customer-oriented where they were geared towards ensuring satisfaction hence ensuring customer loyalty through offering unique and relevant services in the market. UFO adopted the strategies that it could make use in the process of increasing its revenue where the strategy adoption was mainly considering both the external and internal business environment.

The management of the company was working towards ensuring that the strategies adopted were in line with the objectives of the company. In the process of achieving its revenue objectives, the company adopted two major strategies aimed at increasing its market share in the market (Grant et al. 2014). The first strategy of UFO involved maintaining the market share through fostering the growth of the cinemas in India. Second, the management of UFO decided to explore the alternative sources of revenue for the company through the use of the same business model that ensured the differentiation of the services and products.

The company strategies provided that the potential alternative avenues that were available in the rural regions for cinema screens were utilized. Business model UFO adopted a business model that ensured the differentiation of its operations and products. The company tried to differentiate its services and products aiming at making the products unique hence able to achieve competitive advantages. UFO was using technology to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in the distribution of the movies through online platforms that proved to be faster.

Without UFO the customers could not be able to access the movies faster as the traditional means were slow and inefficient. UFO brought many revolutions in the industry through the adoption of technology to make services and products of different. The business model that was adopted by UFO was of benefit to exhibitors, distributors, audiences and advertisers. The model was a solution to many problems that were existing in the industry such as film piracy. UFO adopted a business model that could reduce film piracy, and eliminate some drawbacks in the industry both technical and physical.

The business model ensured that online distribution was possible making the customers able to access the movies despite the physical distance involved.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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