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The paper "Strategic Communication Management" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. On behalf of my organization, I wish to apologize for delivering you a wrong order contrary to the one you had originally ordered. It was a gross mistake for which we as the company accept full accountability. To rectify this state of affairs, we shall be providing you with the Valentine’ s Day bouquet tomorrow with no additional charges. We shall also offer you the choice of any floral arrangement or a gift basket for your wife’ s birthday.   We strive not to make mistakes in our operations, but they become evident, we impose appropriate measures to address them in a timely manner.

It is my hope that this will rectify the mistakes made in delivering your order. Be confident that the unfortunate experience you witnessed has played a vital role in understanding the major problem in our organization, which is now addressed. In case you have more questions regarding this issue, kindly feel free to contact us through phone, email, and we shall get back to you.

In addition, on behalf of the entire company, we are truly sorry. Sincerely, Strategic Communications Manager World Wide Web Press Release During holidays, our company, which specializes in selling flower arrangements and gift baskets, is always in a rush, and the overworked employees make mistakes occasionally. Our employees are hardworking and committed to their job, but encounter challenges while coping with holiday demand pressures. Last week, for instance, one employee made a big mistake where he sent a bereavement arrangement rather than a Valentine’ s Day bouquet to one of our highly valued clients, Mr.

Ellison, an incident that made him extremely angry. It was not the wish of the company to inconvenience the customer, and appropriate measures have been put in place to address his situation. As a company, we admit that our employees often make mistakes during holidays due to the high demand. However, the individual who leaked this information all over Twitter, The Consumerist, and YELP has done great damage to the company, making customers lose confidence in our company. This information was leaked to these social media sites without the knowledge of the company (Fisher, 2012).

Moreover, the individual did not consider the measures the company was putting in place to address the situation, which is rarely evident in our company. There is no doubt that whoever published this information on the internet had deliberate and malicious intent. This issue has deteriorated to the extent that all the operations of the company have been affected by this. In this regard, we as a company have deeply disappointed (Fisher, 2012). We would like to apologize to all our customers who have ever suffered such inconveniences, and we are implementing all measures to ensure that these kinds of incidents never occur again.

We know that as a company, many customers look up to us to provide them with appropriate flower arrangements and gift baskets. In this regard, we have failed as a company, and it is our sincere belief that this issue will be addressed accordingly. Thank you for believing in us, and we will strive to address all your needs as our highly valued clients. Company Statement Pertaining to the Mishap As a company, we strive to provide our clients with high-quality products and services.

Based on the recent mishap, we shall impose measures to ensure it never occurs again.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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