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Question 1Strategic human resource is a process of connecting the human resource management activities and the firm’s strategic planning and implementation to meet the organizational goals. Strategic human resource management has a lot of importance in an organization. Firstly, its practices enable the employees to apply their skills and knowledge to increase productivity and also the agencies exploit their ability to achieve their mission. The goals and objectives of the organization are better achieved when there is use of personnel practices in the strategic planning process. The innovation of technology in the organizations has increased productivity.

Secondly, the organization is at ease of competing with other competitive organizations. With strategic human resource management practices, the employees apply their techniques to attract more customers keeping in mind the measures to achieve organizational success. In addition, an organization that has a SHRM can handle problems like economic uncertainties and limited resources effectively since the agencies focus on high performance of the organization. The agencies use their knowledge and skills to solve organizational problems. Nevertheless, SHRM enables the organization to measure its efficiency and effectiveness since the functions of human resource are very much focused on.

These functions include the processes and activities used to improve the performance of human resource following the policies and procedures of the organization. Most importantly, SHRM helps in the setting of organizational goals and solving complex organizational problems since it incorporate the considerations of human resource with monetary, physical and technological resources. This makes it easier to identify and analyze the external threats and hindrance that may affect the achievement of organizational goals. The purpose of strategic human resource management activities is to enhance the maximization of productivity of an organization.

The employees utilize their talents and skills fully to maximize productivity. The mission of the human resource will be acquired despite the challenges the organization is facing since there is total optimization of the effectiveness of the employees. The workforce is linked with the business to give excellent contribution making it easier to face the challenges. Practice of human resource management improves the employees’ commitment to work and increase high level of skills and therefore there is high productivity.

The quality of the business is also improved and thus the expectations of the customers are met. Meeting the customers’ expectations contribute largely in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the organization. The main goal of any organization is to maximize profit and the customers are the main source of a business profits. Strategic human resource management helps in the selection of employees, provide work security, adequate compensation of the employees and enhance further training of the workers. This motivates the improvement of workforce efficiency and effectiveness and a productive workforce is maintained.

The employees are most likely to be productive assets of the organization if they feel that they are treated fairly. The employees use their skills, ability and knowledge with a lot of compassionate when working if they are treated fairly. The workers keep the objectives of the organization in mind when working and ignore their personal gains to achieve these objectives whether directly or indirectly (Schuler & Jackson 2007).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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