Essays on Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment

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Question 1 Getting of the specific job specification that i needed was not complex at all. The website provided a useful tool that links to ever section of job categories of occupations the user needed to find. The information provided for in the occupation was relevant and it consolidated the required information needed in an occupation outline. Information like job requirements, training needed for certain occupation, rewards attributed to certain occupations and other job analysis was available (Greer, 2001). Apart from job requirements provided for in the website, it also provided useful information that an HR manager needed like data bank showing how other managers have been failing hence the job withdrawal.

The links in the website were easy to identify since the icons were clearly stipulated, every link led to the other. For example under the job specification link other links showing job requirement, employees job responsibilities as well as the mode of application. Finding the type of occupation in a website sounds to be a difficult encounter for most job seekers, but for those searching for jobs using O*Net find a very easy ride.

This can be seen from the comments given after a user uses the website. Positive comments concerning the site to find the occupation they want has indicated that the website job occupation links are easy to find. In the FAQ section the answers given to the questions that users’ with difficulties have also provides guiding tools for other users to allocate the job specifications. Therefore, the site was very essential in providing job occupation details. Question 2 The occupation i was looking for was in the list- HR manager.

With reference to the website i think the occupations-HR manager had much in terms of job requirement. Though, i met other qualifications it was over quantifying the requirements. The site did not offer all the information needed for the occupation intended for example: I. The site did not provide adequate information concerning the roles and responsibility needed for an HR- manager. It only provided basic information that a general manager needed to do leaving out particular information for an HR manager. II. Though, the occupation that I wanted existed in the site, the terms of service specifications of the occupations was not inclusive.

Therefore, as an occupation seeker I could not be able to know if the occupation was to be done as a permanent basis or contract basis. III. According to the standardized occupation site, application addresses are very important tools, but this was complicated when using O*Net since it only provided an email address that linked the application to the site not directly to the organizations that needs the potential employee. This issue questioned the biasness of applications presented.

It can be concluded that job analysis websites like O*Net provides useful information concerning occupation seeking but it needed improvements in the way the occupations were to be presented so that it could be able to highlight all the data needed for an occupation seeker. Despite the fact that the site failed to meet other issue concerning the occupation that I was looking for it become of much importance to me. Question 3 O*Net site is a very essential tool in job analysis. Since job analysis is an effective program for the HR’s, then the data provided for in the site plays relevant concepts in helping the development of an organization.

The site has several informative sections for example: I. Market analysis data – The site has provided statistical analyzed data that shows the market overview. This type of data helps a business or an organization to seek ways of improving their marketing strategies so as to compete well with other organizations or business (Sullivan, 2000). For example, the data in the site shows that proper training of marketing staff will improve the marketing strategy hence efficient and effective business performance will exist.

II. The site also provides association support data and information that can be of importance to a business or organization. As an HR professional association support like quality assurance agency are of much help hence important to use them in determining the employee’s performance as well as getting the required amount of job compensation to be given to the performances portrayed by employees. III. Site also provides financial analysis data that can be of help to the HR department in making strategic plans for hiring or training new employees.

This is done to boost employee’s retention rate in the future will working with their organizations. In addition, the data provided in the site gives comparison of the job speculations, qualifications and requirements of different positions with different organizations. This data helps employee or future to seek relevant qualifications so that they can meet the changing world job specifications. Question 4 As a director I would allow my staff to use this site since it provides several advantages.

Human resource employees have a lot to know and also to be aware. The roles and responsibility employees in HR fatality is changing and employees find of essence to be aware of all the changing issue (Taylor, 1987). In order for the employees to be aware, understand, and integrate the changing world today. The links provided for in such web sites helps: I. The employees to learn the graphical illustrations to be able to know how duties are handled by organizations and to get useful information on the functions associated with HR. II.

It will be of great significance if the employees can have a look at the job outlook for the organization they work for. This will help them build confidence with their organization. III. The site also plays the role of highlighting and acquitting employees or staff on what the human resource team plays in an organization like theirs. The core functions undertaken by the HR are also the informative aspects contained in the site and this will be of importance to the staff to understand the functions of their department so that they can work with a particular objective that is under the main HR functions.

IV. The site also contains useful educational information that offers online training to staff. Staff can be able to get tested online an earn certificate of participation or relevant HR course that can boost the performance of the organization. Comparative analysis of this site makes it important to the staff hence HR directors should allow their staff to use this or other sites of such tools in the future so as to improve their businesses.

References Greer, C.R. (2001). Strategic Human Resource Management: A General Managerial Approach, 2nd edn. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. Sullivan, J. (2000). Recruiting and Retaining Key Talent’, Lexington, Mass. : The Center for Organisational Research. Taylor, M. (1987). Organizational Recruitment Activities and Applicants’ Reactions at Different Stages of the Recruitment Process. Personnel Psychology, 40,261–285.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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