Essays on Strategic Human Resource Management - Foxconn Technology Group Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Human Resource Management - Foxconn Technology Group " is a good example of a management case study. In an article in the Bloomberg News of the Financial Post dated 8th of October 2012, Foxconn Technology Group (FTG) that is among the largest producers of electronic devices in the world and a supplier to Apple, had some of its branches closed down due to employees' strike (Bloomberg, 2012). The strike was said to have been the culmination of increased working pressure, the stress in the course of the job and "abuse from guards" (Bloomberg, 2012.

According to Bloomberg News (2012), FTG’ s shares dropped by 1.9% in Taipei cutting down the year-to-date gain to 18%. Apple's shares also fell by 1.3% in Germany as a result of the strike and its accompanying negative publicity. Industrial relations, now commonly referred to as employee relations are involved with the management and control of employment relations (Wilton, 2011). Strikes by employees of FTB have been increasing as reported in various articles including a 2012 incident in Foxconn’ s Taiwan branch (Gabbatt, 2012). In the latter’ s incidence, quality control inspectors were roughed up by workers after a prolonged conflict that the management did not care to help resolve.

The confrontation is alleged to have been sparked by a company guard hitting one of the employees. The actions of the guard were a violation of the method of dispute resolution in a company (Lauffs, 2013). It is the company's prerogative to streamline the handling of internal conflicts in accordance with the prevailing labor laws. Protocols should be put in place for handling these conflicts. FTG has a very high employee turnover rate (Bloomberg, 2012).

The short work tenure for most employees means that the company may constantly have inexperienced workers. It is this inexperience that renders the production process slow and of questionable quality. Consequently, the production managers end up criticizing the employees for the inefficiency and demand them to work for more hours than stipulated and under pressure.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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