Essays on Ready Rural Company - the Benefits of Strategic Information Systems, Outsourcing vs Insourcing Case Study

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The paper “ Ready Rural Сompany - the Benefits of Strategic Information Systems, Outsourcing vs Insourcing” is a spectacular example of a case study on business. Strategic Information System is the process of deciding the objectives of an organization's technological infrastructure, and at the same time identifying potential systems that are ideal for the company. This article will begin by outlining the benefits of strategic information systems. The report will also draw a line on how the outsourcing concept can be holistically applied as part of an organization's Information Systems strategy. The brief will finally discuss a mini-survey centered on the effectiveness of the proposed concept with the motive of revealing the perceived benefits from companies that have previously outsourced their IT/IS operations. In order to properly manage Information Systems infrastructure, it is advisable to deploy sound strategies that will ultimately define the company’ s IT policy.

Strategic information systems planning is a very effective method for developing and maintaining technological infrastructures that support an organization's business operations (Sale & Alofi). Strategic information systems planning is one of the critical issues miring information systems executives today.

Because the main purpose of Strategic information systems management is to identify appropriate targets for automation, then this particular concept has the potential of making a profound contribution to businesses and their partners. When this concept is properly applied, organizations can, therefore, take advantage and use the deployed system to attain their business goals, objectives, and also impact on their overall business strategies. However, by failing to properly implement a strategic information system, these same companies may experience lost business opportunities and also a waste of resources in terms of unused expensive information systems products. For a company like Ready Rural (RR) to realize the impact of strategic information management, they have to apply several methodologies that will act as a guiding principle.

However, these methodologies have to be properly understood by the stakeholders involved. This is so because it has several been cited that the implementation of a planning technique is usually a major problem.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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