Essays on Strategic International Marketing Plan: US iPhone Market Assignment

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The paper "Strategic International Marketing Plan: US iPhone Market" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing.   Dear Mr. , ABC Corporations is a leading Australian phone company dealing with modern technology cell phones and accessories. Currently, we have been having an interest in the US market and with your request for a report highlighting the reason for the interest to establish the iPhone business in the USA, please confirm the receipt of this transmittal letter and the report. The report provides a background of Apple Inc. , describing why the company is ideal together with its product, iPhone.

It explains the reasons for choosing the product and possible reasons why it will perform well in the country’ s market. It also analyses the US environment as a target country, highlighting factors that may affect the business. Apple Inc. is a well-known company with a good product reputation, specifically iPhones. In the report, find a comprehensive analysis of economic, legal, socio-cultural, political, technological and cultural factors that may affect us during operations in the US. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us for any questions and approval. Sincerely 1.0 Introduction Technology has made trade become global today.

The globalization of markets and competition has made it easy for countries to offer products and services in foreign countries with minimal expenses. This change in the global scope is attributed to the technological improvement of infrastructure leading to improvement in communication and transportation. Trade agreements monitor and promote global trade with the help of organizations like the World Trade Organization. They also ensure fair competition from global companies. This report provides a comprehensive structure and explanation of the international marketing plan of iPhones in America, through Apple Inc.

Cell phones have become important gadgets in people’ s lives, making it almost impossible to live without one. As technology advances, the types of phones we use also advance, adding more features to previous models of phones. The iPhone is a unique type of phone, which has gained popularity worldwide, especially among the business class population. The phone undergoes generational changes to fit customer-changing needs and keep up with new designs and technologies. This report also addresses other factors relating to international markets.

The focus is on Apple Inc, the company that designs and markets iPhones and the United State of America, which is the target market. It also explains useful factors that may affect ABC operations in the U. S, like the economy, population, politics, and religion. The report covers the environment analysis of the U. S in relation to the foreign businesses, especially the iPhone, and finally, the recommendations and conclusions for both companies.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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