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The paper "Fundamentals Of Global Strategy A Business Model Approach" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. The Brazilian market has been described variously as an upcoming market. Even so, market researchers describe it as being one among the most lucrative markets, especially considering the economic empowerment of the average consumer in the country. The average market consumer is influenced by the trends of changing technology. The mobile services industry is one that is mainly subject to changes in technology (Hill & Jain 2007, p. 67). As internet access becomes a basic requirement to the average youth, all organizations entering the Brazilian market target the age bracket that is 16 to 34.

The youthful population is one that relies heavily on communications, especially through mobile phones and through the internet, on social media and through the email features. It is worth mentioning that Virgin Mobile, in entering the Brazilian market, must recognize the actuality that there are already well-established firms, especially Claro and Vivo, which have had the chance to establish customer loyalty. This means that the organization will have to come up with the most effectual market penetration strategy.

It is quite essential to compare and contrast the competitors with virgin mobile. This section of the paper majorly concerns itself with the target market and competitive analysis as well as the development of applicable market entry strategy as well as the international market mix strategies for product or market. Identification of target market In penetrating the Brazilian market, the virgin mobile corporation has to have a clear understanding of the target market for various reasons, key among them being to be relevant and steadfast in increasing their sales towards gaining a fair share of the market.

As mentioned earlier, the target market of the organization will be the youthful section f the Brazilian population. The definition of youth in this context is the people between the ages of 16 and 34. Such people have been identified as the most appropriate target market since they are the age bracket that consumes most of the services offered by virgin mobile as well as other providers of mobile phone communication and broadband services.

There are many reasons why this bracket has been selected, and the main reason is that the consumption of the modem services among them is highest considering that the youth of the contemporary world are getting obsessed with the internet, thanks to social media such as twitter (Segal-Horn & Faulkner 2008, p. 98). The situation is quite competitive especially considering that there exist well-established organizations such as Claro and Vivo. The organization may not find it easy to penetrate the market, as the two have already established roots among the consumers, and established consumer loyalty.

Vivo, arguably the most established organization in the market enjoys the widest network coverage and has a considerably bigger market share. The situation, with the two major players in the market, is in such a way that entry is difficult. However, the completion among the existing players makes the bargaining power of the customer become more powerful (De Kluyver 2010, p. 112). On the other hand, the organizations maintain substantial control of the market conditions including price due to the fact that they are few in the industry.

The target market is not gender-sensitive as it constitutes of both male and female people in the defined category – 16 to 34 years of age. The target market identification procedure relies on the following factors. For the purposes of virgin mobile, the target market borrows from all the factors shown in the figure.



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