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The paper 'StratSynth Group and Strategic Management' is a great example of a Management Assignment. At the moment, the humanitarian community faces a lot of challenges in aid delivery (Whiting & Ayala-Ö strö m, 2009). This is due to the rising number of disasters and the wider implications that they have. Through innovations, it is possible to address these issues and mitigate some of the problems faced in aid delivery. Drought and war in some countries in Eastern Africa is a common occurrence and delivery of aid to these areas should be a priority (Nicholson, 2014).

Creation of StratSynth as a permanent aid delivery is a vital move in addressing the current challenges in aid provision and delivery. This is a corporation that is being formed at a time when there are several countries in need of aid. This is especially in the Eastern Africa region where several countries are facing war, drought, and famine. This response is aimed at providing strategic advice for the creation of a permanent aid delivery organization known as StratSynth. Background to the situation When faced with crises such as drought, famine, or war among other calamities, the response is slow in most cases due to aid delivery challenges.

For example, the drought crisis in East Africa has been met with a slow donor response (Ververs, 2012). Aid delivery is a major problem in developing countries. This is especially due to poor infrastructure, war, and logistic challenges. Disaster response in countries where there is war or poor infrastructure is always a major obstacle for the humanitarian organization. Improving the humanitarian aid delivery helps a lot in long term outcomes and a sustainable aid delivery (Whiting & Ayala-Ö strö m, 2009).

Melinda Gates has come up with the idea for a permanent aid delivery organization. This is a corporation that has a mission to acquire, deliver, and operate essential life support items. StratSynth Group will be designed to meet this aim and also establish long term recovery and rehabilitation of the stricken nations. A PESTEL analysis PESTEL analysis acts as an opportunity for the corporation to analyze its external business environment. It will give a bigger picture of understanding in the areas of operation (Gillespie, 2007). Political The political factors which include the governments’ regulations, legal issues, and rules will have an impact on StratSynth Group.

Countries of operation such as Somalia and South Sudan have long been involved in civil wars which will have an impact on the corporation operations (Beamon & Kotleba, 2006). With the high risk of unstable governments, it is important for the organization to have measures in place to work in the region (Gillespie, 2007). Economic StratSynth Group will be working with developing countries with a poor economy. These countries have a low GDP and their economic growth in most cases is unstable.

The economic conditions have an impact on the organization's capital (Gillespie, 2007). StratSynth Group will have to face a high level of inflation as they set their operations in unstable countries. Moreover, the selected countries of operations experience high levels of corruption which will have an impact on the corporation operations in the region.


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