Essays on Resourced-Based View of Strategy and Competitive Positioning-Based View of Strategy Coursework

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The paper "Resourced-Based View of Strategy and Competitive Positioning-Based View of Strategy" is a perfect example of management coursework.   Strategies are sets of plans or approach used by administrations and organizations to meet certain demands. The strategies can be viewed in various ways depending on the firm being employed. There are various firms that view the strategies, the common ones include the competitive based view of strategy, institution-based view of strategy, and the resource-based view of strategy. Several articles outline the differences between these strategies. The ultimate aim of this paper is to outline the competitive positioning based view of strategies, the articles that explain this firm and its strengths and weaknesses (Lehmann & Winer, 1997).

It also looks at the resource-based view of strategy, the articles that outline its firm as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Competitive strategy refers to how a company competes in a particular business. The major articles that explain clearly these weaknesses and strengths in competitive positioning based strategy include the Harvard Business journal, take time for competitive positioning article and business strategy, the Harvard business review, strategic management journal, competitive intelligence journal among others.

The Harvard Business Journal talks about how a company can gain competitive advantage through discrete ways of competing. The taken time for competitive positioning article gives the importance of competition in the business field. The Harvard business review outlines the five competitive forces that shape the business (Snow, 1989). Destroy the competition with the positioning strategy article urges the business planners to focus on strategic development and competitive advantage as well as recognizing the internet for what it is. It terms this as an enabling technology.

There are several strengths portrayed by these journal articles. The major strength that is brought out clearly by all the five journals is that they are all focused on giving hope and different tactics to the business planners and companies. They all provide principles for strategic positioning which are very effective in making a business planner or company be competitive. They all provide structural solutions that lead to the competitiveness of an industry or a company. The strengths have a relatively increasing effectiveness in the business where many businesses that adapt the competitive principles and measures perform well. Weaknesses             The main weakness of competitive positioning firms is that they are easily counterfeited.

The competitors are able to examine what you are doing to be unique and excel in the business field. They then go ahead to copy and do exactly what you do and therefore your firm will not be unique anymore. This reduces the competence of the firm and makes it be dormant as it loses the ability to compete in the market (Noel, 1983).

When all the tactics you were using are copied and being used somewhere, your strength and morale go down. Therefore, it is easy to give up and surrender the competition. It should be clear that the competitive firms provide the tactics, plans and strategies that help the firm be in a position to compete in the market field. The disadvantage comes in when all these strategies, tactics, and plans are implemented by someone else.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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