Essays on Strategic Management for Amazon Company Assignment

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The paper "Strategic Management for Amazon Company" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Based in Seattle, WA, Amazon. com is one of the greatest and most successful e-commerce companies around the globe. Jeff Bezos who was a graduate from the University of Princeton started the company in 1994. He did a Bachelors's degree in electrical engineering, and computer science. Jeff started this company after resigning from his job at the Wall Street bank. The company began as a simple bookseller and to date has grown and developed into a virtual internet marketing company that deals with a variety of items.

Such items include cookware, toys, music CDs, games, and software among others. Jeff’ s major reason for locating this company in Seattle was that the region had a mass pool of talents from which he could fetch good manpower. In addition, the company would enjoy the advantage of being close to one of the greatest bookselling stores, which was located in Roseburg. Amazon. com has formulated certain strategies that help it serve its customers efficiently and ensure all its processes are carried out successfully.

Some of its most successful strategies are the cost leadership strategy; this is where the company produces goods and services at lower cost levels. This has been used as a very competitive strategy against its competitors. It enables them, to sell at a lower cost compared to the others. This makes them sell many volumes hence substantial profit. Another fundamental concept that has significantly boosted the company outcome is the quality strategy. The company ensures that the products sold out to customers are of intended quality. This has served to attract and retain a large pool of customers to them.

Their product distribution strategies are very effective and have earned the trust of many customers. The company owns several stores around the globe, a factor that makes it reach its customers easily and fast. These stores ensure the easy distribution of items to customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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