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The paper "Establishing Business in Fashion Industry" is an outstanding example of a case study on marketing. Fashion is changing the way clothing business is done, how people wear and present themselves. Fashion design has systematically changed people’ s lifestyle and clothing world. For the purpose of this strategic marketing strategy, Classic Designers will be the name of the business that will use the exploits of the fashion design to deliver valuable, convenient and quality products. Though the fashion design business remains to be fully exploited, many entrepreneurs are venturing into it.

There are few players in the market and therefore there are no strong competitors available. The classic design is a clothing business that will look to bran and sell designed clothing specifically for women. With a collection of different materials from suppliers, it will make clothes and offer them for sale. This marketing plan provides a good way of establishing a business in this unexploited industry. Introduction Peoples lifestyle is subject to increased dynamism due to the ever-evolving fashion design and innovation in clothing design. In this regard, there is an increased demand for comprehensive strategic marketing for clothes.

Furthermore, dramatic change in fashion design is happening frequently and therefore marketing strategies have to be effective. The following strategic marketing plan will address the strategies to compete competitively in the market. Product description The product that will be offered for sale will be women's clothes. This will be sold by Classic Designers who will stock and sell a variety of recognized women's clothes together will flat shoes for women. Going by assertions of Wilson & Gilligan (2005) the business will offer a wide range of stocks of cloths that will be manufactured from different fabrics like silk, wool, and cotton which are readily available in different colors, prints, and designs.

These clothes will be designed using the most up to date fashion trends that customers will like. With the absence of established stores that offer specific women wears, Classic Designers will have an extra advantage in that the market is not saturated. In addition, Classic Designers will be run by persons who are well experienced in dealing with designer clothing. With the manager having more than ten years of experience in designer business, Classic Designers is expected to pick up sales at a very high rate.

Furthermore, the location of the business will necessitate sales. This business will be located in Canberra city, after which other stores and selling outlets will be opened in other states of Australia. Classic Designers have no doubt in their customer service, uniqueness and designing of quality clothes and shoes for their customers. These will the designer to be the preferred shopping experience among women and the place for quality, affordable and ever-present women wear.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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