Essays on Pioneer Strategy for New Market Entry Case Study

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The paper "Pioneer Strategy for New Market Entry" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. This paper presents a strategic marketing plan for the UNE organization. UNE is an institution of higher learning with different offers that constitute its business portfolio. In particular, the business comprises of graduation services, online shopping of books & other research support services and the management of second-hand bookshops. These services form the unique products that define the business framework of the organization. There are various strategies that the UNE community has upheld in order to stage a rigorous competition with its rivals.

For instance, it has placed its workforce into distinct groups under supervision with consideration of cultural aspects and minority groups in the formation of any integral groups. Furthermore, the integration of technology in the conduct of its business activities has also become a major element that has fostered the capacity for the business to flourish with high-level accuracy and minimal manual attendance hence high accuracy in its dealings. Indeed, UNE is a renowned research support enterprise with multiple capabilities of ensuring high-level performance capability with regard to either local or distance learning services.

Over the years, UNE has been craving to top a flexible and online learning experience service provider. This process has been characterized by major changes such as increased integration of technology into the development and the undertaking of various processes. For instance, the learning has been promoted through the use of the latest technology that has promoted information sharing across long-distance clients as well as the local clients of Australia. These advances have also led to increased accumulated profits. New Idea for sport tune.

There are various activities carried by sport tune. For instance fitness Reboot, group training, clubs, sporting competitions etc. Under sporting competitions, Athletics competitions and its associated products is not included and it is one of the best sporting activities. Therefore it’ s a new idea that can be implemented by a sport tune. Athletics competitions would involve both the students and the community. The products enable sportUNE to engage in business trading Product life Cycle. A product advances through a series of stages from introduction to growth, maturity, to decline stage.

This series is called the product life cycle. These stages can be elaborated as follows; in the introduction stage, the firm finds product consciousness and improve the market for the product. At the growth stage, the firm finds brand preference and enlarge market share. At maturity, the sturdy progress in sales reduces. Competition might seem to deal with similar products. The main impartial at this stage is to secure market share whereas maximizing profit. On decline stage, sales diminish and the firm arrives at some options i. e., Harvest the product – decrease costs and remain to offer it, perhaps to a faithful niche section, stop the product, settling remaining record or trading it to a different firm that is ready to sell the product.

Diagramatic representation of the product life cycle is shown below. Introduction growth maturity Decline. Athletics competitions or athletes fall under the growth stage in the above product life cycle.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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