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The paper "How to Grow a Business by Diversifying Successfully" is a perfect example of a Marketing Case Study. The higher education sector in England is developed and guided by a number of principles among them being strategic alignment, conformity, sensitivity, partnerships, good decision making, learning environment, and project management. The development of the higher learning institutions are usually enhanced by a strategic plan. It is important for the institutions to have a strategic plan which defines their objectives and goals and provides a time frame for which the goals are to be achieved.

Conformity means that the higher education sectors in England needs to comply with the acts that are set by the government to control them. Sensitivity means that the institutions need to develop designs that are in consideration with the relevant disciplines. Partnerships offer good reputation to the organization and provides a base for the development of a good decision making process through consultations. The decision making process should encourage transparency, accountability and allow risk averse decisions to be made. The University of New England holds a rich history that reflects on the creativity, determination, and resourcefulness of the leaders who have worked to ensure that it becomes one of the most successful entities in England.

It is currently a multinational entity that has opened new branches in different cities around the world. it has also partnered with other great universities around the world to ensure that they provide the best quality training and resources to their clients. The UNE life started off from two major universities namely; St Francis College and Westbrook College and has grown and evolved for more than a century.

Currently, the institution has developed in three compasses that provide more than forth undergraduate majors. They have also developed six academic centers of excellence in research, a college of pharmacy and a college of medicine. The university also boasts of the only college of dental medicine that exists in the northern part of New England. Product life cycle The product life cycle is a management process that deals with the management of a product from the time of its inception through the manufacturing, design and services process to the time of its disposal or renewal.

The Product life cycle (PLC) is a form of management that usually integrates the processes, people and data from the product to provide a detailed information background that determines the phases of production and disposal or renewal of a given product. The product life cycle is comprised of four phases namely conceive, design, realize and service. The conception face is the first face and it is where the company usually imagines, specifies, plans and innovates a product according to demand in the market.

Designing the product requires a number of steps among them being the description of the proposed product, development phase, testing, analysing and validating the product. The realization phase is where manufacturing, procurement, selling and delivery of the products are made. Finally, the service phase refers to the after-sale services such as the maintenance, support, and disposal or recycling of the products. While managing the PLC, the major resources that are managed are the product, pricing, promotion, people, placement, process, packaging, and the physical environment. These aspects usually determine the performance of the product being sold in the market.

Each aspect usually determines the likeability of the product or service in the market. The product aspect deals with the quality of the product that is being sold in the market. The UNE life provides for fitness classes for the students, staff and the community as a whole. The UNE sport also has a well-stocked training facility that caters for people of different ages and fitness every day, all through the year. The pricing of the product also matters while marketing.

Placing very high prices on the product will not attract consumers to take the product. UNE sport has usually charged $11 per week as the membership fee. Promotion in marketing deals with the advertising procedures that are used by the organization to sell the product. UNE life has developed a website that allows them to promote their products online. The PLC determines the marketing strategies and marketing mix that is adopted to ensure that the product remains competitive in the market that it is sold.


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