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The paper "Telstra Business Strategies" is an outstanding example of a business case study.   Telstra’ s origin dates back to 1901 by the Australian Federation to manage telephones, postal services and telegraph. It was renamed Telstra in 1993 from Telecom. It was partially privatized in 1997 and further in 2006. In 2010, it signed a non-binding financial agreement with Commonwealth company (NBN) to participate in the government’ s national broadband network (Gerrand, P., 2004). Telstra Company offers telecommunication and information services in Australia. It offers a full range of communications services to all telecommunication markets competitively.

Currently, it provides connection services to over 16 million mobiles, 7.5 million fixed voice services, and 3 million fixed broadband services. The company helps create a connection between people because it believes that opportunities are created out of people’ s connectivity. It has over time created a technology that is simple and easy to users like Australia’ s national mobile network. It has an international presence in over 15 countries including China. The company is proud of its opportunity provision and always strives to understand what clients want to like both digital connection and content.

It aims to offer an opportunity to connected governments, businesses, communities, as well as individuals (Cisco website, n.d. ). The company has increased overall productivity by 80 percent by cutting operating costs through the use of Cisco Internet applications. However, it has faced some challenges in its way. The purchasing department for instant faces significant hurdles mainly manual placing of orders for networking equipment. The process was time-consuming with repetitive processes that needed close monitoring. Its success came with Cisco internet applications that offer online tools that eventually streamlined ordering of equipment from many countries.

Telstra meets the promised delivery that has been operational for nearly 25 years. Goals and objectives The strategic plan’ s goals and purpose will include a campaign that will encourage people to embrace technology by showing its benefits to their lives. The campaign will also point out that business and productivity depends on information and communication technologies application. The campaign will be pillared of a healthy culture and healthy relationships around the environments under which the company services takes place. The objectives include; the company needs to be a facilitator of peoples’ , organizations’ , and government’ s performance through raising productivity through the application of technology that makes work easy and efficient especially through communication.

Another objective is to generate quality media coverage that is unbiased and morally accepted to target audiences. The other objective is to provide equal opportunities to sharing of voices among different competitors especially thorough driving traffic to the company’ s website. According to Telstra’ s 2013 report, useful feedback and public relation services will retain and grow the number of customers. Another objective that is similarly significant is being involved in developing new businesses through evaluation of the future outlook as well as exercising good risk management.

Most importantly, the company should improve customer satisfaction through the provision of quality services and problem-solving strategies like customer service. Vision and Mission The current image of Telstra Company states that it wants to improve the manner in which people live and work. Its purpose is to build technology and content solutions to its customers that are easy to use, simple and valued by all stakeholders. Their mission is to the server and serves and strives to know their customers better than anyone else.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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