Essays on Strategic Plan, Part II: SWOTT Analysis Article

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IntroductionThis paper analyses both the external and internal environment of FirstTouch soccer academy in order to determine the extent of effect that these factors have to the business. SWOT analysis is done through a discussion group in order to foster understanding of different factors affecting the business. The other essential considerations discussed in this paper includes the major objectives of the business, major issues facing the business and a proposed hypothesis through research questions on ways to address the issues. External forces and trendsLegal and regulatoryThe business will ensure that it is registered with local Football Association (FA) and pay both insurance and taxes to ensure that it is able to carry out its activities without interfering with the legal system governing football in the state.

The name of the business FirstTouch soccer academy will also be registered in order to secure the name. Some of the other regulatory expense that it will ensure to meet includes jersey fees, league fees, and field equipments for practising and salaries for the staff. EconomicThe external environment favours business start-up since the country’s economic status is conducive and even encouraging for small businesses.

The major challenges that FirstTouch soccer academy will face is the source of funds to commence the business. The options available include, admission fees, loans, government funding and so forth. Competitive analysisIn order to fully appreciate the competitor’s position which is critical for FirstTouch soccer Academy, it is important to utilize porter’s framework to establish the competitor’s entire profile. To achieve this, the following aspects will be c considered in the framework. One competitor which is Ribet Academy Football in Los Angeles is thus taken to analyse these factors comprehensively. Objectives of the competitorThe objectives of Ribet Academy Football are to recruit many students to the school system and promote their aspirations by offering them many competitive games while giving them studying opportunities. Assumptions of the competitorRibet Academy Football believes that it is one of the biggest soccer academies in Los Angeles and it also believes that is has the highest potential as compared to its rivals. Strategy of the competitorRibet Academy Football tries to use its focus on educational curriculum and its effective sporting activities to attract many admissions from outside the region. Capabilities of the competitorRibet Academy Football is strong financially and also with its active sporting activities, it has the potential of attracting even more admissions from the region. Internal forces and trendsStrategyFirstTouch soccer academy will use market sensitivity through competitive analysis and SWOT analysis to anticipate any market change or needful organizational change.

This will always make the academy ready for change through a planed anticipation strategy. Like any business, change is inevitable despite the potential relaxation of the company’s employees. FirstTouch soccer academy will thus optimize on staff training on the need to undergo an inevitable change as well as to constantly appreciate change as part of business.

Continuous employee training will foster readiness for change. The major emphasis that FirstTouch soccer academy will maintain includes self assessment, staying optimistic and awareness of the change in order to mitigate stiffness.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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