Essays on Analysing the Vision Statement and Identifying the Problem Areas Assignment

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The paper 'Analysing the Vision Statement and Identifying the Problem Areas" is a good example of a business assignment.   The vision statement of company X has only focused on short term strategies. They have given the first priority to the profit-making instead of giving the customer's priority number one. For a company to flourish, the vision should focus on quality products and services to the consumers. Though it has provided the direction on how the shareholders in future will gain a return on capital, the vision of company X has not put inspiration as well as the direction they will take to meet their strategies. The other problem area in the vision of company X is that it has not stated the company’ s desired size and size.

It has also failed to mention the sphere of influence in future rather than it currently exists. This is a clear indication that the vision does not entail the long term strategies on their vision. Long term strategies are very important in any company willing to expand from where it is in that it elucidates the long term reason for its existence.

A company which has long term strategies on its mission also encourages shareholders to increase their shares in the company because they will believe the company will have a better future (Matthews, 2005). The other problem area in the vision statement of company X is that it has not stated anything that makes it unique from its competitors or even the key measure of success. It has also been written in future tens meaning the present is totally different. It has speculated rather than planning the way it will ensure its shareholders increase return on invested capital hence, it does not evoke emotions or is just passionless. The vision statement of company X can be improved by writing it in the present tense to ensure that the company is currently in a stable condition and has a bright future.

This vision is long and not powerful and is not specific; hence, it can be used by any company. It can also be improved by making it broad and should specify how it is planning to help the customers currently and in future.

It should use a generic phrase and remain broad in nature. Importance of an organization having a good vision statement A clear and effective vision has many advantages to the company and delivers many benefits. A clear defined vision of a company helps to define the values of the company and employees. It also helps to help the behaviour of all the employees working in the company. A good vision also helps to improve efficiency and productivity. A well-communicated vision will enhance the company to buy-in from all the employees by creating a shared sense of shared vision that will make the company to discover the reimbursement associated with a strong sense of vision.

Vision is also the first step in both long term and short term strategic planning (Matthews, 2005). Having a common vision helps the members of the organization to set goals thus empowering employees.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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