Essays on Strategic Planning and Management in Google Case Study

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The paper “ Strategic Planning and Management in Google”   is a well-turned variant of a case study on the management. Google's strategic choices are premised on the industry and the nature of the business. Google’ s strategy defines the operation of the company and also guides the direction in terms of growth that Google takes. Google has continuously invested in strategic approaches, which has continued to support the objective of intensive growth. Google develops and markets differentiated products and has internal processes that sustain a competitive advantage. The paper discusses Google's internal strategies from the perspective of VRIN. Differentiation and Efficiency AdvantagesGoogle employs a broad market scope whereby Google offers products and services to every individual in the world (Google, 2016).

The aspect of differentiation is also employed by developing unique capabilities, which makes Google competitive (Ambrosini & Bowman, 2009). The differentiation aspect is when Google develops unique products. Google advances a policy of innovation and continues to develop products, which include Google Glass, Google Fiber and Google Search engine (Santos-Vijande, Ló pez-Sá nchez & Trespalacios, 2012). For example, the Google Search product/algorithm is advanced and has a competitive advantage compared with alternatives in the market.

The continuous innovation also improves the position of the search engine in the socioeconomic world. For example, it enables users to access information easily and also enables the customization of consumer behavior through generating information, which reflects the requirements of consumers. The differentiation strategies enable Google to continue developing products and services to sustain their competitive advantage (Hill, Jones & Schilling, 2014). Based on the current products and processes, it is evident that Google employs differentiation in ensuring it remains competitive (Bingham & Eisenhardt, 2008).

Innovation also contributes to the improvement of existing products and services, which makes it more competitive (Google, 2016). The Google Search engine contributes most revenues because it is used for marketing purposes, and the reason is the advanced infrastructure of the search engine database (Starbuck, Barnett & Baumard, 2008). The search engine's uniqueness compared with competitors is the speed of executing speed, integration of advisement words that are attached to social networking, the relevance of search results (Ambrosini & Bowman, 2009). The processes have enabled Google to stay ahead of competitors. Google employs efficiency in the manner it develops and maintains different products and services (Anggraeni, 2014).

An efficiency company has to optimize human resources, capitalize on infrastructure, research and development, good marketing, experience, learning, and economies of scale (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2012). The efficiency has resulted in the creation of new products and used mistakes to improve the processes (Google, 2016). Moreover, the effective management of human resources contributes to the effectiveness of the organization, which contributes to a competitive advantage. Functional and Organizational CapabilitiesGoogle does not concentrate mostly on strategies rather on the requirements and expectations of the consumers (Google, 2016).

Google develops and provides what the consumers want. In addition, it pursues a cost leadership strategy and technological approach methodology (Meier et al. 2007). The cost-cutting measures are transferred to the customer while the technological advantage is accomplished through high performance compared with competitors (Hill, Jones & Schilling, 2014). The technology results in taking more workload, with expected outcomes compared with competitors (Ambrosini & Bowman, 2009). The speed, efficiency, and relevance have been created, and customers understand that using the facilities and services of Google results in better outcomes compared with alternatives.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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