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Essays on Morgan Motor Company - a Diversifying of Manufacturing Process by Using New Technologies to Shorten the Long Waiting Lists Case Study

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The paper “ Morgan Motor Company - a Diversifying of Manufacturing Process by Using New Technologies to Shorten the Long Waiting Lists" is an intriguing example of a case study on marketing. Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan (H. F.S), W.O. Bently and Henry Royce are talented men who venture into the business of the motor vehicle industry in the early 1900s after leaving school (Miller, 2004). In 1930 when there was worldwide depression in the market W. O. Bently was forced to sell his business to his competitor Henry Royce. The Bently and Rolls-Royce were universal symbols of superiority and wealth.

Butin 1960 Rolls-Royce got broke and was distributed up at the government power. Stanley Morgan (H. F.S) is the only company that still surviving and functions with the same plant services; it was working with since 1919. In 1992 there was a ten-year order of potential customer waiting list for delivery of a “ mog” as Morgan had a great brand image to the potential customer as a genuine sports car. Though it had some fault, it has also some strengths and prospects created by its own and others (Miller, 2004).

The Morgan Company still stands with its well-organized strategy management and choice from then to now. Today in the international market it competes with strong competitors such as Ford. Strategic AnalysisIn a hundred years of involvement in business, Morgan Company faced a lot of challenges and obstacles (Miller, 2004). Morgan Company has always been a hand-manufactured car brand and this why its potential buyer loves it. From 1908 to date the Morgan Company manufactured a lot of automobiles that made a different type of desire among its customers.

Today the Morgan company cars have the best engine performance, environmentally friendly and efficient and people love to drive it with passion (Miller, 2004). From the beginning, The Morgan Company tried to maintain its business to capture this niche to get to the competitive superiority but now it’ s the only competitor of its own. The Morgan company production process is to slower, it may manufacture around six hundred cars annually in this current condition using the same plant since the opening (Miller, 2004). But as an alternative of having thirty to forty percent of the labor cost of manufacturing, though, in contrast to other car producers, it is too expensive, the Morgan Car Company services its car at the lowest cost among the European car manufacturers.

This is one of the benefits of keeping the philosophy of the company. Though the plant automation is costly, they are trying to adjust their plan. This will be helpful although the company’ s backlog is its waiting list and it is an opportunity for the company although in future the Morgan Company will be faced with a huge penalty in positioning.

Customers are very devoted to the company’ s motor brands and this is the reason why they are willing to wait even for ten years to get their car delivered since the cars are customized suit their personal needs (Miller, 2004). At times customers cancel their order thus presenting an opportunity for the company to sell the unique cars to other customers. In this era, people want everything right present whenever they order it. Other motor companies compete with Morgan motors to fill in the gap of long waiting lists.

Other motor companies like Nissan, Toyota and Mazda are competing with Morgan Motors thus posing a great threat to Morgan’ s although their target market is very narrow and they have a limited niche. Strategically it is very risky to do a business that targets a single niche and this is the reason why the company is trying its best to make it's business a form of concentric expansion. The company has launched some sports gears and are already manufacturing branded sports watches named Hublot (Miller, 2004).

In the report below I have discussed the company’ s competitive analysis using the S. W.O. T tool and offered some recommendations of how it can improve the way it does its business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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