Essays on Strategy Assignment-Hospital or Health System Case Study

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At the center of every economy lies the healthcare sector which must be delivering high quality medical care to the people for that economy to grow, a reason why at the heart of Boston exists one of the oldest hospitals in the history of US. Massachusetts General Hospital is a thousand-bed healthcare facility that has existed for several decades offering healthcare services to many people across the world (Borkowoski, 2011, p. 98). Established in the year 1811, the hospital has dedicated its works to ensuring provision of super-standard medical services that has positively impacted on the healthcare industry overtime. The organization enjoys as a world-class Medicare center status (Magnet Status) having recorded tremendous achievements in their strive to deliver better services guided by their pillar mission of meeting the demands of the patients by offering high quality services through heightened professionalism.

In Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital has four centers that work to deliver quality professionals healthcare through its large pool of doctors, nurses, social workers among other health service providers who dedicate their lives to restoring the state of well-being amongst the society members.

Additionally, it is a teaching institute that provides practical frameworks within which medical competence can be enhanced and it as well as engage in research to curb health hazards that could be challenging the community (Massgeneral. org, 2015). 1.0 Strategy Execution: Building the Capability to Execute Strategy The hospital’s desire to continually provide high quality world class health services and have competitive advantage in the health industry as the best organization has been facilitated by the internal management structure. The organization is structured based on functionality and various units are classified according to what roles they play.

Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO) is a union within the organization that have their own goals embedded with the overall organizational objectives (Massgeneral. org, 2015). The hospital is headed by David Torchiana as its CEO who works closely with the head of units and departments to ensure efficiency is coordination and efficiency in operations. In every unit and discipline there is a head s such as chief nurse and many other who heads their areas of specialization. Functional structure works well because those who head the units are experts in the disciplines they head.

If other structures such as divisional was used, it would create wrangles since a manger may head disciplines they do not well understand since the operations of the organization are specifically based on professionalism (Buchbinder &Sharks, 2012, p. 121). The company’s strive for excellence is enabled by the strict criteria used by the HR department in ensuring only highly qualified staff are hired. Training and personnel development are usually done at the organization especially when a new technique is being introduced. Regular trainings are also conducted in which staffs attend seminars, conventions and meetings organized primarily to capacity-build employees so as to perform better.

To effectively implement the strategies of beating other players in the industry, the management should focus more on intertwining and coordinating different unrelated departments so as to facilitate communication within the organization. 2.0 Strategy Execution: Managing Internal Operations The organization’s decadal success can be directly attributed to the effective leadership and management systems that exist there. Several employees report enjoying an enabling working environment that is created by good team leaders as well as the overall management system that have been a great motivational element to their operations.

The participatory and democratic leadership styles adopted by the management has seen it derive great performances from its workers (Buchbinder &Sharks, 2012, p. 133). The enhanced information system including computers with all-through networks facilitates research and communication within the organization. Security in the organization is also enhanced by the effective information build-ups. Reinforcement to the workers usually come in different forms; both monetary and non-monetary. The monetary compensations come through basic salary, random/ varied cash appreciation for exemplary performance, increased allowances, annual monetary awards etc.

The non-monetary involves awarding of certificates, job promotions, special recognitions, trainings, leaf-offs among others. Employees who do great jobs are highly rewarded and this greatly motivates them. In the healthcare industry, this organizations can be rated at 8 in the scale of 1-10 based on compensation packages. The organization is slow heading towards reaching out to people through social media. In future, it should embrace more of the latest and modern information technological network. Daily compensation packages should also be availed as the random r long term ones can be a delayed motivator. 3.0 Strategy Execution: Leadership Recommendations Although the company has achieved a lot in terms of its leadership structures and styles, to gain even more competitive advantage over other players in the industry, certain factors should be considered and modifications made where necessary within the next 3-5 years.

The management needs to recognize that the organization is steadily growing and an overwhelming admissions are made daily. Facilities, therefore, have to be expanded further and more personnel be recruited to handle the many patients so as to avoid ‘worker burn-outs’.

Also, the leadership style should be varied such that those workers who cannot be accommodated by the participatory styles can find others that work well with them. Active use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others will be of great advantage to advertise the organization.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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